Shipping from Dubai to Morocco

If you are looking for a shipping company to the Kingdom of Morocco to save you from the trouble of follow-up and save a lot of time, Al Fares Cargo Services offers you extensive shipping services to most cities in Morocco.

Al Fares Cargo Services offers its services in Morocco through:

Sea Freight from Dubai to Morocco:

Al Fares Shipping Services offers shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to most of the Moroccan ports and vice versa In different sizes, 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet or through containers for large shipments, in addition to the shipping service segment where It is assembled and shipped in a participation container to ease shipping costs on the client Whatever the shipment, Al Fares follows the process of receiving it from the factory, the supplier or the house, and the procedures for entering the departure terminal and even the port of arrival. The service is available to many ports of the Kingdom of Morocco and through many international shipping lines.

Air freight from Dubai to Morocco:

From all the cities of the United Arab Emirates AlFares provides this fast service to reach and receive your shipments through most airports in Morocco.

Whatever the shipments, Al Fares is to receive them, assemble and pack them, and then start the process of shipment as per customer's request, in addition to processing Documentation and documents necessary for import and customs clearance.

Al Fares Cargo Shipping Strategy is based on the first flight to destination country, Safe and this is one of the reasons why our customers are satisfied with our services.

Advantages of shipping service from Dubai and UAE to Morocco:

  •  AlFares is flexible and committed to its customers by providing the necessary advice before starting the shipment and until the shipment is received at the place of customer.
  • Provide all logistic solutions in the service of its customers and facilitate the import of their goods and orders from the UAE to Morocco.
  • Fast Shipping Process, Delivery and submission
  • Door-to-door shipping service (by type of shipment)
  • Car Shipping Service via Ocean Freight to Morocco
  • The service of shipping for home furniture and personal belongings with packing for most of the cities in Morocco
  • Express shipping service
  • Al Fares provides temporary storage services.
  • Shipping service from Morocco to UAE
  • Al Fares follows the principle of competitive prices that save for the customer with import and supply costs.
  • Shipping service is available to Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Tangier, and many cities and regions of Morocco

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