Shipping from Dubai to Namibia

Namibia is a country located in southwest Africa. It is bordered by Zambia and Angola to the north, Botswana to the east, and South Africa to the south. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Its capital and largest city is Windhoek.

Namibia has a diversified economy that relies heavily on natural resources. It also participates in international trade, and the port of Walvis Bay, located in the city of Walvis Bay, is considered one of the main gateways to maritime trade.

Namibia is distinguished by its stunning landscapes, especially the Namib Desert. The Namib Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world and includes strange-shaped rock formations such as the Namib Mountains.

So, Namibia imports several products from Dubai such as consumer goods, foodstuffs, and cars. Dubai is a major trade and shipping centre in the region, and therefore there is potential to increase the volume of trade between the two countries in the future.

As for tourism relations, Namibia is considered an attractive tourist destination thanks to its picturesque nature and the interesting nature reserves it contains. Although there is not currently a high volume of tourism coming from Dubai to Namibia, there is potential to increase the number of Emirati tourists visiting Namibia to enjoy the unique landscapes and safaris.

All of this has helped in the growth of transportation and shipping operations from Dubai to Namibia, so we will shed more light on the shipping service from Dubai to Namibia and provide advice to everyone who wants to complete this process to the fullest.

Tips for everyone shipping from Dubai to Namibia

Here are some detailed tips for individuals or companies wishing to ship from Dubai to Namibia:

  1.  Choosing the appropriate shipping company: You must search for international shipping companies with a good reputation and experience in shipping to Namibia, and you must also check customer opinions and ratings to ensure the company’s credibility.
  2. Understand regulations and customs: It is important to check the regulations and customs related to shipping to Namibia. Specifying the requirements to avoid customs problems.
  3. Preparing the necessary documents: Prepare all necessary documents such as the commercial invoice, packing invoice, and insurance policy. Ensure that all documents meet customs requirements.
  4. Shipment insurance: It is preferable to purchase insurance on the goods to protect them from any losses or damage during transportation.
  5. Packing and packaging of shipments: It is necessary to ensure that the goods are packed well using high-quality materials to avoid damage during shipping operations.
  6. Choosing the appropriate shipping method: Choosing the appropriate shipping method according to the type of goods and the required schedule is an important matter. It should be known that sea shipping is usually less expensive, while air shipping provides greater speed.
  7.  Follow up and trace the shipment: The shipping company must be asked to provide tracking numbers to track the movement of goods during the journey. This lets you know where your shipment is at any time.
  8. Communicating with the receiving company in Namibia: If the one who will receive the shipment is one of the companies, then you must communicate with the receiving company in Namibia to confirm its readiness to receive the shipment and to coordinate any additional procedures.
  9. Calculating additional costs: Calculate and determine all possible costs, such as customs duties, transportation fees, etc., and include them in the final cost.
  10.  Adherence to appointments: It is very important to adhere to the specified dates for delivering shipments according to the timetables agreed upon with the shipping company.

By following these tips, individuals and companies can streamline the shipping process from Dubai to Namibia and achieve an efficient and successful shipping experience.

Sea shipping from Dubai to Namibia

Before you begin the sea shipping process, you must ensure that the required shipping documents are prepared, in addition to proper packaging of the shipments to ensure their safety during transportation. You may also need to use entire containers or part of a shared container.
The cost of sea shipping depends on several factors such as the type of shipment, quantity, weight, and size. The cost can also include insurance and any additional services you desire.

After arranging the shipment details and confirming the shipping agreement, the shipments will be received from the supplier’s warehouse or location in Dubai and transported to Al Fares warehouse or directly to Jebel Ali Port.

Air freight from Dubai to Namibia

When airfreighting from door to airport, the shipments are loaded into special containers or boxes to be received by Al Fares team and transported after completing the packaging and export procedures to Dubai International Airport, arriving at Windhoek International Airport in Namibia. 

After the shipments arrive at the airport, customs clearance procedures are initiated by the recipient to be transported to their destination by trucks or other means of transportation.

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