Shipping from Dubai to Poland

As a shipping company from the United Arab Emirates to Poland, Al Fares International Cargo has been in the position for years to make its logistics services accessible to everyone in terms of outstanding service, reliability, safe delivery, reasonable prices and quality. We set safety standards and the time of arrival in our shipping strategy priorities. Contracting with international carriers and shipping companies and providing options that are appropriate for the size and quantity of shipments and the time schedule for their arrival.

In addition to providing the necessary facilities for all logistic services in ports and airports. As well as customs clearance and documentation for smoothly transit of cargo, we are seeking to satisfy our customers by providing professional services in shipping from the UAE to Poland. Services of shipping of commercial materials, furniture, electrical and household appliances and other raw materials, in addition to individual shipments and personal luggage.

Shipping from Dubai to Poland and Warsaw is provided by through three options

  •  Integrated door to airport freight services
  •  Door to door shipping services
  •  Door to port shipping services
We also aim to provide a complete and advanced shipping system within the competitive price for our clients in the UAE and Poland to suit their needs.

We are always seeking to expand our services to most of the main cities in Poland to make it easier to get cargo to their destinations at the lowest cost and time. Our services cover Dubai, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lublin and other Bologna cities.

Air Freight Service to Poland Warsaw

Al Fares Cargo provides air cargo services through the most important international airlines, which cover the services of most of the major airports in Poland.

Advantages of the air cargo service from Dubai to Poland

  • Daily flights covering the main cities of Poland.
  • Provide secure storage facilities to ensure the safety of shipments.
  • Providing insurance on shipments
  • Providing assembly, packaging and repacking services for cargo and personal items in the company warehouse.

Sea freight shipping service from Dubai to Poland

Al Fares offers shipping services to Poland within the standards of experience and quality to most seaports in Poland, where it is suitable for all shipping needs of customers at the appropriate prices and speed of delivery and arrival.

The most important feature of shipping service from the United Arab Emirates Poland:

  • Providing the best freight and transport services from UAE to Poland's main ports.
  • Providing regular weekly vessel with the most important shipping lines.
  • Developing competitive shipping solutions, providing the best services and speeding up procedures.
  • The service of receiving the goods from companies and arranging and loading accurately and organizing containers and insurance.
  • finalizing of the procedures and permits necessary to facilitate the transit of containers in the port of arrival and customs clearance.
  • Providing refrigerated containers for foodstuff shipments and materials requiring a specific degree of cooling during shipping.
  • Sorting shipments and identifying sensitive goods that need special attention and providing packaging services.
  • Follow up shipments until arrival at destination and shipping in accordance with the highest standards of quality, care and safety
  • Providing different shipping options from Dubai and free zones in the UAE, which gives flexibility in shipping to Poland.
  • Shipping service from Poland, Warsaw to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE cities.

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