Shipping from Dubai to Romania

Shipping from Dubai to Romania

Romania is a European country located in the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, and Romania is considered the leading country in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of foreign direct investment, as it is one of the largest electronics producers in Eastern Europe, in addition to its international university that students seek from everywhere, in addition to the tourist and historical places, which is a great destination for lovers of tourism and travel.

All of the above made there are large movements of people between the UAE and Romania, for tourism, study or work, so Al Fares Cargo always seeks to be a leader in providing safe, fast and provided shipping services between Dubai and all regions in the Romanian territory, where the company ships goods And personal belongings, cars, furniture and other types of shipments from Dubai and the UAE to Romania, through sea freight and air freight.

Sea freight from Dubai to Romania

Whatever the shipment, whether a car, merchandise or a personal shipment, Al Fares provides sea freight services from door to port or from port to port.

Where Al Fares receives the shipment from the customer, prepares it and packs it into containers, whether it is full containers belonging to the customer only or joint containers between him and others, and then transfers it to the port, for the ships to sail from Jebel Ali Port until they reach their destination in the port of Constana.

Air freight from Dubai to Romania

Air freight is characterized by its speed in transporting shipments and good insurance for them, but of course it is higher in cost. Al Fares Cargo Services has sought to achieve the appropriate competitive price equation for the customer while providing a distinguished and safe air freight service to anywhere in Romania.

Al Fares provides door-to-airport shipping service as well as door-to-door in air freight, where our team receives the shipment from the customer’s door in the cities of the Emirates, and then transfers the shipment to the airport and prepares it for packaging, with the completion of all customs procedures related to shipments, until a journey begins Air freight and finally arrive at one of the Romanian airports, then the shipment is transported by carriers from the airport to the recipient's door as specified by the customer.

Cities we cover within Romania

Al Fares provides shipping service from Dubai and the cities of the Emirates to all Romanian cities such as Cluj-Napoca, Bacau, Bucharest, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Oradea, or Sibiu.

Our advantages in shipping from Dubai to Romania

  • Al-Fares’ dealings with international shipping companies, which facilitate shipping operations from Dubai to Romanian ports, which facilitates the performance of shipping and transport operations at any time.
  • Specialized car shipping service from Dubai to Constanta port in Romania.
  • Providing the service of partial or combined shipping via sea freight to Constanta port.
  • Al-Fares has technicians specialized in the processing and packaging of shipments, which ensures that they are preserved from any damage until they reach their destination.
  • With the team of experts in Al-Fares, all logistical solutions are provided, all customs procedures are completed, and fees are paid without any effort on the customer.
  • Ease of obtaining competitive quotes for shipping through the company's website, and inquiries through customer service to ensure that the customer receives his shipment correctly and in the shortest time and at the lowest price.

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