Shipping from Dubai to Rwanda

Rwanda is a country in East Africa. It is bordered by Burundi to the south, Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Its capital is Kigali.

Regarding trade and tourism exchange between Dubai and Rwanda, there has been increasing cooperation between the two countries in recent years. Also, in 2020, Emirates Airlines launched direct flights between Dubai and Kigali.

Regarding trade exchange, trade relations between the two countries focus on sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and technology. Dubai, as one of the most prominent commercial centres in the region, may contribute to enhancing trade between the two countries through the exchange of goods and services.
In the field of tourism, Rwanda is considered an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. It is famous for its stunning landscapes, especially national parks, and diverse wildlife, such as Volcano Park and Akagera Park. Tourists coming from Dubai can explore Rwandan culture and civilization by visiting museums and heritage sites.
In short, trade and tourism relations between Dubai and Rwanda are witnessing development and expansion, and this could be beneficial for both countries in enhancing trade and benefiting from travel and cultural exchange opportunities and was also supportive in increasing shipping operations between Dubai and Rwanda.

Shipping methods used from Dubai to Rwanda

From Dubai to Rwanda, there are several shipping methods available, including air freight and sea freight. Here is a detailed explanation of each:

1. Air freight:

  •  Time Required: Air shipping is the fastest option and usually takes 2 to 5 days to reach Rwanda with customs clearance procedures.
  • Tonnage and cost: Goods can be shipped in different sizes, but the cost is higher compared to sea freight.
  • Advantages: Fast delivery, and air freight provide a convenient option for urgent shipments and high-value products.
  • Additional Considerations: Air freight rules, customs requirements, and necessary permits must be taken care of to ensure the safety of the shipment and its smooth receipt in Rwanda.

2. Sea shipping:

  • Time required: Because Rwanda is a country in East Africa and does not have a seacoast, it has no ports. It benefits from nearby port services in neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, so sea freight takes longer compared to air freight, and usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to reach Rwanda, depending on the sea lines chosen.
  •  Payload and Cost: Sea shipping is an affordable option for large, non-urgent shipments. Large-sized goods and shipments can be shipped in sea containers.
  • Advantages: Lower cost compared to air freight, suitable for high volume shipments and non-time critical.
  • Additional considerations: Care should be taken to properly prepare goods for sea shipment and use appropriate packaging to ensure the safety of the goods during sea transportation.

Shipping requirements from Dubai to Rwanda

For shipping from Dubai to Rwanda, there are several requirements you need to consider. Some requirements may vary depending on the type, nature, value, and quantity of items to be shipped. Here are some general requirements:

1. Permits and documents:

  • Commercial Invoice: A document that shows the financial and commercial details of the shipment, such as the shipped goods, quantities, value, and prices.
  •  Packing List: A document that shows the exact contents of the shipment and the weights and dimensions of packages and shipping containers.
  • Certificate of Origin: A document that clarifies the country of origin of shipped goods and is used for trade and export preferences.
  • Bill of Lading: A document proving the delivery of the shipment to the truck or carrier company and specifying the conditions of transportation and delivery.

2. Packaging:

  •  Goods must be packed and packaged in a way that ensures their safety during transportation. It is preferable to use appropriate packaging materials such as cartons, pallets, air bubbles, and protective foam, and a knight can be used to provide this service.
  •  Suitable means of protection must be provided for goods that are susceptible to breakage or damage, and additional insurance must be provided when necessary.

3. Labels:

  • Clear labels must be placed on packages and packages containing sender and recipient information, shipment content, and necessary symbols.

4. Laws and regulations:

  •  Must comply with local and international laws and regulations regarding shipping, export, and import.
  • There may be restrictions on some prohibited or limited goods that can be shipped to Rwanda. It is advisable to check Rwanda's current customs and trade regulations and consult with a customs broker for up-to-date information and accurate directions based on the type of goods you wish to ship.

The support that Al Fares provides to its customers when shipping from Dubai to Rwanda:

Al Fares Cargo Services usually offers a wide range of services and support to its customers when shipping from Dubai to Rwanda:

1.Shipping arrangement and planning: Al-Fares helps in arranging and organizing the shipping process in an integrated manner. This includes determining the best means of transportation (air, sea) and determining the optimal logistical methods and scheduling of the shipment.

2.Customs procedures: Al Fares provides support in customs procedures, including preparing and submitting the documents required for customs clearance. This also includes processing customs procedures and permits necessary for export and import.

3.Packaging: Al Fares provides the necessary support regarding safe and appropriate packaging of shipments. It can also guide best practices and the use of appropriate materials to secure shipments during transport.

4.Car shipping: Al Fares provides a specialized service for shipping cars from Dubai to Rwanda via sea or air freight.

5.Tracking and monitoring: Al Fares provides tracking and monitoring services for the shipment around the clock. You can follow the movement of shipments, know their location, and deliver updates.

 6.Insurance: The company provides many insurance options for shipments during transportation. In addition to providing advice on available insurance options and helping you deal with any problem that may arise.

7.Customer Service: Al Fares provides support service to its customers to respond to inquiries and needs related to the shipment. Where any of its customers can contact the dedicated team to obtain assistance at any stage of the shipping process.

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