Shipping from Singapore to the UAE

Singapore is a small country in Southeast Asia, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, where the South China Sea meets the Indian Ocean.

Given Singapore's reputation for its industrial capacity and its commercial relations with the Emirates, we find many individuals and companies in it seeking to move often to the Emirates, to enhance their job opportunities, trade, and industrial exchange, or even enjoy tourism in the wonderful tourist places in the Emirates.

All of this made many people search for ways of shipping from Singapore to the UAE, which vary between shipping by sea and shipping by air, so we will shed light on them in our article, so follow us.

Shipping methods from Singapore to the UAE

The method of sea freight and air freight are the methods used to ship goods, personal items, and cars from Singapore to the UAE, and each of them has its own method and cost, and in the following points we explain each of them:

1- Sea freight from Singapore to Dubai

Ships loaded with containers or cars move from all ports of Singapore, whether Jurong Port or the main port of Singapore, heading to the various ports of the Emirates, whether Jebel Ali Port or Khalifa Port

Sea freight is the slowest option, but it is about five times cheaper than air freight. If you are traveling on a limited budget, then sea freight is ideal for you. Freight ship trips from Singapore to the UAE take about 14 days, and sea freight methods vary from Full container shipping, to less than container load shipping, or ro-ro shipping.

- Full Container Load (FCL) FCL

In this method, the full space available in the container is used to transport the goods, and the FCL method uses different types of containers, such as 20 feet and 40 feet, to ship the goods.

If your load is enough to be loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container, in this case, a full container will be reserved for you.

- Less than a container load (partial freight) LCL

LCL (less than full container load) shipping method, is one of the most common ways of shipping goods, as it is cost-reducing, reliable, and timely.

In this way, if the total volume of your shipment is less than about 15 cubic meters, you will share a container with other people, which saves you a lot of costs instead of booking a full container.

 - RORO shipping

This method is used when shipping cars by sea, where the car is placed directly on the deck of the ship and not inside a container, by driving it, and then delivering it directly to the port of arrival and then to the desired place.


2- Air freight from Singapore to Dubai

Although air freight is the fastest among other shipping methods, as the air freight process from Singapore to the UAE takes about 7 hours, it is higher in cost.

However, it is characterized as safe and preferable to be used if the customer does not have time or is in a hurry to ship his items, and the air freight process takes place starting from the moment of receiving the shipment to be transported from the customer’s door, preparing, wrapping and packing it, completing all customs procedures and fees, and placing the shipment inside The Plane.

Which begins its journey from the airports in Singapore, whether Changi International Airport, the plane begins its journey loaded with cargo until it reaches any of the airports in the Arab Emirates, and from there the shipment is transported to the destination specified by the customer.

Cities that ship from Singapore to the UAE

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