Shipping from South Korea to Dubai

Al Fares specializes in shipping services from South Korea to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Al Fares Cargo Service also provides distinguished services in international shipping from East Asia in general to the United Arab Emirates. To meet your needs and desires, we were able to connect and establish a link between the Korean cities, Seoul, Busan, Incheon, by collecting your commercial shipments and delivering them to your destination wherever they are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Gulf states, Lebanon, Jordan, and other countries.

A specialized team helps in ending all customs procedures in Korea and the United Arab Emirates, which gives flexibility in the shipping process from Korea, so there is no need to worry about delivering your goods or your purchases. We have the possibility to deal with shipping all kinds of goods and materials from Korean factories and companies.

How we can Ship from South Korea?

And that is through our rapid services in air and sea freight to airports and ports of Dubai and the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and GCC, while providing fast customs clearance services until delivery to customer warehouses. Al Fares Cargo provides the best freight solutions from South Korea and Taiwan to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf region in order to achieve the highest levels to meet your logistical needs, Al-Fares has a great experience in the process of importing cars and all kind of materials from Korea and works to facilitate the international trade between All Korean cities and the United Arab Emirates through a series of local partners and agents.

We at Al Fares International forwarding guarantee you to carry out the shipping and importing process from South Korea, Taiwan, and Asia countries in a more efficient and effective way, in addition to speedy delivery and speed in clearing incoming shipments and securing their delivery to you with providing the required consultations by clients in pursuit of accurate completion of time and cost.

Easy cargo process with us:

We have customized the link service between most cities in South Korea and all cities in the United Arab Emirates to suit your desires by providing links with the most important airlines and maritime shipping lines between Korean ports and the GCC ports.

Al Fares as an International Freight forwarding is ready to submit competitive freight offers and provide an effective cargo collection program with effective air and sea freight from Korean ports for various materials, and goods in proportion to your business need through an integrated logistics services bag, and we also provide effective preparation of documents required for customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Al Fares also provides fast air cargo services, which are fast compared to other shipping methods that can be used in cases of urgent shipping or when transporting perishable goods. We in Al Fares can deal literally with all types of dangerous or breakable or damaged shipments that need treatment and packaging Special.

Al Fares will be your logistical support in shipping from Korea to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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