Shipping From UAE To Ethiopia

Are you looking to ship a container, construction equipment or cars from Dubai to Ethiopia? Do you need help with international shipping services to Ethiopia? Not sure how to ship to Ethiopia from the UAE?

Al Fares Cargo Service is your choice to meet your needs in shipping from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Ethiopia and being one of the shipping companies in Dubai and the UAE specializing in shipping to African countries, we have provided excellent services in sea freight and air cargo to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, as a landlocked country located in eastern Africa, so containers send through neighboring Djibouti or through the Mombasa port through a network of railways or trucks.

Al Fares Cargo Service provides shipping for commercial merchandise, cars, construction equipment, machinery and more to Ethiopia according to the best standards and competitive prices with integrated services and speedy completion of procedures and facilitating them with the provision of insurance service for goods and cargo and following the quality standards corresponding to the shipping conditions.

At Al Fares Cargo, we always strive to expand our services to include shipping and receiving from all cities in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other regions, and we work to deliver them to you in Ethiopia, whether through sea cargo through Djiboutianna port or air freight to Addis Ababa airport.

Sea cargo service from Dubai to Ethiopia:

Al Fares provides sea freight service from Dubai to Ethiopia through Jebel Ali Port and Emirates Ports We have the ability to manage sea freight operations and deal with all types of shipments with care and concern that meet the requirements of customers and conform to quality standards, and our professional team in Al-Fares has specialized expertise In this field, he has the full ability to deal with all shipments, whether commercial or personal, or car shipping to Ethiopia with high professionalism, with our distinguished contracts with international shipping lines that provide services to Ethiopia.

We are in Al Fares as one of the shipping companies specialized in sea cargo of goods, cars, and equipment from Dubai and the UAE to Ethiopia we can also ship medical equipment, machinery, auto parts, laboratory equipment, and other commercial goods in containers from most of the main ports in the United Arab Emirates to Ethiopia.

If you are looking to ship a container by sea, we can bring the container to your door in the Emirates and return the loaded container to the export port to be sent, and it is possible to send shipments through the partial freight service (LCL) in addition to providing car shipping services to Ethiopia via containers or via RORO services and ending All required shipping procedures.

Air cargo service from Dubai to Ethiopia:

Al Fares Air Cargo provides air cargo services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Addis Ababa Airport in Ethiopia through international airlines, whether the shipments are personal or commercial, to meet all customer needs.

We have in Al Fares as one of the air cargo companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi a team that specializes in air freight operations and is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures for outgoing shipments and dealing with them and always work to provide regular flight times from Dubai to Ethiopia that suits your business and your requirements in shipping to Ethiopia.

As one of the leading international freight forwarding companies in the Emirates, we are fully aware of the importance of our customers sharing aspirations, and meeting their logistical desires, and providing professional and flexible service.

For more information on how to ship from the UAE to Ethiopia, call us today or send an email via our website, we will respond to all requests for international shipping rates to Ethiopia within 1-2 days

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