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China is an international Factory for the world, from China and from the factory directly, AlFares Cargo Services company provides you with a wide variety of import and export services from China, from Providing special information about cities and companies specialized in each commercial commodity, till delivery to the client’s warehouses.

From Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Yiwu, Foshan, Jinn Jian, Ningbo, Xiamen and many other provinces in China, Al-Fares Cargo Services company facilitates the orders and shipments of companies and factories in China to customers in many Arab countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Libya ...) and all around the world. We also provide you a full logistic support from most Chinese cities and expertise in various fields of logistics, including sea freight and air freight services, customs clearance, transportation and distribution services at destination, aiming to achieve your best logistics desires.

From a wide experience, we ensure you an efficient and fast performance of the shipping process, to meet your needs for your materials and commodities of any kind. We have the experience needed to deal with all types of shipments, including general merchandise, chemicals, construction materials, packaging materials, electronics, accessories and women's cosmetics, shoes, textiles, clothing, cars and auto parts, machinery, furniture and house hold appliances, and others of Chinese different products.

We have a dedicated team to follow up with customers and companies to collect and assemble shipments from companies and factories in different Chinese cities. We also process the documents required for shipping and customs clearance in the receiving country, whether it is through air or sea freight from most ports and airports in China, delivered to your destination wherever it is efficiently.

Accordingly, AlFares Cargo Services company seeks to be the best choice for the importer's needs from China through fast delivery, shipping, cost reduction as well as quality and craftsmanship.

Services provided by Al-Fares Cargo for shipping from China:

  • Transportation of goods from factories and companies and assembling them in the company’s warehouse in China, as well as assuring that they are matching according to customer's request.
  • Preparing all documents required for shipping from China, which gives flexibility in ending all customs procedures at the destination country.
  • Provision of a combined cargo and freight forwarding service via sea freight from China to many Arab countries (Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan ...) and the world.
  • Al Fares cargo service company provides door-to-door shipping services from china to many different countries around the world.

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