The 15 most important countries to which furniture is moved and shipped from the UAE

The 15 most important countries to which furniture is moved and shipped from the UAE

There are many countries that are moved to from the Emirates around the world and vice versa as well, which requires the moving and shipping of furniture and household items for the people who make that move, and despite the large number of these countries, there are 15 countries that are considered the most important countries that move and ship furniture to from Dubai and the UAE, and we start with the countries of the Middle East, we find Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, and in the European continent Germany, Spain, Britain, France, Italy and Ireland, while in the rest of the world we find Turkey, America, Canada, Russia, New Zealand and Australia, where some go to study, carry out business or tourism of all kinds.

Methods of moving and shipping furniture from the UAE to those countries:

With the diversity of these countries and their occurrence on different continents, we find that moving and shipping furniture to each of them may differ from other countries. It is only possible to transport furniture to it by sea or airfreight because there are no land routes between the Emirates and these countries. There are many international moving options for furniture depending on the amount of furniture that will be transported, there is sea freight for furniture (full container load “FCL”), or (less than the container load “LCL”), and the type (full container) is used when you have How much furniture do you want to transport together in a container designated for it, and although this method is safer and faster in shipping furniture, it is more expensive than the method of shipping in (less than a container load), which depends on transporting your furniture with other shipments, which reduces the safety of transportation and It prolongs the shipping time and the same applies to land freight, whether for a full truckload of a variety of sizes or for a part load of the truck. There are three main types of international moving services:

Door-to-door furniture moving service:

 It includes all procedures starting from receiving the furniture from your home, packing it and clearing all customs procedures and papers, until the arrival of the furniture, unloading and delivering it to the door at its last destination, and this service is the most expensive than the rest of the services. - Furniture moving service from the door to the port:  where the furniture is received from your door and transported to the port, prepared, and packed, and then shipped by sea and the shipment is delivered to the port of the country to be shipped to. This service is less expensive than the previous one Furniture shipping service from the port to the port: In which the furniture is received at the port and then shipped to its destination only, where you will have to prepare the furniture, wrap it and pack it, as well as take care of dealing with customs, then transport the furniture to your destination.

Advantages of shipping furniture via Al Fares Cargo Services:

  • The strategic expansion of the marine transactions of Al-Fares making it deal with all shipping companies, facilitates the shipping of furniture from the Emirates ports to all the ports of those countries.
  • Availability of a fleet of closed trucks of various sizes that are suitable for transporting furniture, whether for a small or large apartment or a multi-room villa.
  • Al-Fares dealings with international airlines, making shipping and transporting furniture to those countries a quick and safe process that is carried out with high professionalism, making it easy to transport shipments to any place the customer wants at any time.
  • Al-Fares has technicians specialized in the operations of dismantling, installing, preparing, and packaging shipments for all types of furniture with the use of correct and safe materials for packaging, which ensures that they are preserved from any damage until they reach their destination.
  • With the Al-Fares team, all logistical solutions are provided, all customs procedures are completed, and fees are paid without any effort from the customer.
  • Quality in the service provided with the right solutions for every international move.

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