Tips for shipping from Dubai to Canada

Choosing the best professional company in transferring, packaging, storing and collecting furniture from the UAE to Canada is considered one of the most important steps in the process of shipping and transport, who will provide the full equipment for this, as well as an experienced staff in packaging and loading and following up with the procedures to insure the safety of all the shipments transferred.

Important Tips Before Starting the Moving from Dubai To Canada:

- It is always recommended to follow up with the shipping companies, whether in the UAE or in Canada, and send inquiries of all questions you have about the shipping process, so that you will be fully aware of how your money will be spent and how the transfer will take place. Inquiries are often related to costs, packaging services, transportation, shipping duration and cargo insurance during the shipping process, as well as permitted purposes allowed to enter Canada and the items that cannot be used there according to the Canadian specifications to avoid any barriers upon receipt in Canada.

- Prior to the agreement between you and the shipping company in the UAE, you should know well and be fully aware of the amount of time they will need to complete the shipping process, from the receipt and packaging of the shipment till arrival to the port in Canada. In addition to the time required for customs clearance in Canada so as to avoid exposure to any fines or flooring in the port, and you save your money. Time estimation is crucial once you get a good estimate of the time you can plan accordingly.

- You should check for eligibility of using your electrical appliances in Canada, because specifications over there differ from those in other countries so you will not be surprised when they arrive that they cannot be used. Our advice is to buy electrical appliances from Canada, as they will be within your budget due to their convenient prices and easiness to purchase when shopping.

-Upon arrival in Canada, any foodstuffs, plants or animal products must be disclosed so as not to be subject to fines.

Other Tips:

- While shipping to Canada, it is recommended to only choose new furniture or pieces or decorations that are of value to you, because the moving there means a new beginning and renovation is needed, so it is preferred to leave the pieces of ordinary furniture, which can take up more space and cost in the shipment, and it will be available for purchase in Canada within you budget.

- Inquire about the shipping company about any items or purposes that are not allowed for shipping, as some companies have their own guidance on what can and cannot be included in the shipment, so you must ask about it.

- Some items should be left and not shipped unless they have received prior approval, such as fireworks, any kind of exotic weapon, as well as cultural objects that symbolizes and relate to their culture and traditions in Canada.

- It must be taken into consideration that allowing the use of anything in the UAE and taking it with you during travel does not necessarily mean that it is allowed to be used in Canada. Each country has its own laws, and the most important of which is the medicine, which is subject to comprehensive examination, therefore, it is recommended to take new prescriptions in Canada so as not to be inspected at the airport.

- One of the most disturbing things for families during the transition process is to think about the eligibility of taking a pet, and you should be assured that you can do so as long as you get an early permission.

-Before contracting with any shipping company or a customs clearance company in Canada, it is advisable to look at their background first, visit their website and search for customer reviews. You should compare several companies and choose which ones provide you your requirements best.

- Also, before you begin arranging the shipment of your can from the UAE, you must first be certain that it will be in accordance with the Canadian specifications. In some cases, you are only allowed you to bring your car to Canada temporarily if not in accordance with the specifications, so it is advisable to inquire and ask first to assure before shipping your car to Canada.

For any inquiries about shipping from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Canada, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or via our customer service!

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