Transport and shipping service for Portacabin and caravans from the UAE to the GCC

With the great development in the field of construction, the industry of caravans and portacabin has recently emerged, as it has many advantages that facilitate the building construction process.

Al Fares cargo service provides shipping services for caravans and portacabin from the Emirates to all Gulf countries.

What are portacabin and caravan?

Small, easy-to-transport housing units that were prefabricated in factories. Portacabin caravans are temporary and mobile housing and are used in places where it is difficult to establish traditional housing for any reason, such as remote areas, camps, or remote areas, or in places where it is necessary to construct a housing in a very short time.

Portacabin caravans are usually made of strong metal structures that are waterproof and weatherproof. They include basic living facilities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, and can be equipped with additional equipment such as HVAC and interior finishes.

As for portacabin rooms, they are small residential units that are pre-manufactured in factories and equipped with the necessary facilities for accommodation. These rooms are characterized by being easily transportable and installable at the site of use.

Advantages of portacabin caravans:

Portacabin caravans have several advantages, including:

  • Transport of portacabin: portacabin caravans are easy to transport, as they can be moved using a truck or trailer.
  • Rapid processing: It can be manufactured and prepared in the factory, and then transported to the site and ready for immediate use.
  • Economical: portacabin caravans are usually much cheaper than traditional construction, thus offering lower costs and time savings.
  • Flexibility: portacabin caravans can be customized according to the user's needs, including interior design and additional equipment.

Types of caravans:

There are several types of portacabin caravans, and they differ in design, size and equipment. Here are some well-known types:

  • Residential caravans: They are used as temporary or permanent housing units, consisting of one or more bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area. Interior facilities vary according to need.
  • Commercial caravans: They are used as a temporary commercial space at exhibitions or festivals. It is equipped with appropriate lighting, shelves, and air conditioning to meet work needs.
  • Medical caravans: They are used for medical and health care, as they are used as mobile clinics for medical examination or to provide treatments or first aid.
  • Educational caravans: They are used in the educational field, such as mobile school classrooms and mobile libraries. It contains educational space and facilities for teaching and learning.
  • Tourist and recreational caravans: They are used in tourism and entertainment, such as camping sites and resorts. They have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchenettes and seating areas.
  • Industrial caravans: They may be used on construction sites as housing for workers until the work is completed. It provides spaces for housing, administrative offices, or storing materials and equipment and protecting them from damage.

We previously mentioned some types of caravans, and these caravans can be used in more than one field, so they are designed based on demand and according to need.

Land shipping of caravans and rooms from the Emirates to the GCC:

The process of shipping from the Emirates to the rest of the Arab Gulf countries has become easy due to the presence of several land routes, and therefore the process of transporting portacabin caravans and rooms is somewhat easy, and different types of transportation are used to carry out these tasks, including, for example:

  • Large trucks: Large trucks, such as heavy transport trucks or trucks with a trailer, can be used to transport caravans. Large trucks are distinguished by their ability to carry heavy weight and provide sufficient space to transport caravans of different sizes.
  • Lowbed trucks: Lowbed trucks are used to transport high-height caravans. These trucks feature a low platform that allows the caravan to be easily lifted and loaded.
  • Custom-designed trucks: There may be custom-designed trucks specifically designed to transport portacabin caravans. These trucks have special structures and features that facilitate the safe loading and unloading of caravans.

Prepare for Land shipping of portacabin caravans and rooms:

The process of transporting and shipping portacabin room caravans is done by land using appropriate means of transportation such as trucks or trailer trucks. Here is an overview of the transportation and shipping process:

  • Preparation: After preparing the caravan, its final dimensions are determined and any internal movable obstacles are dismantled, then the equipment is properly secured to avoid any damage during the transportation process.
  • Choosing a means of transportation: The appropriate means of transportation is chosen according to the size and weight of the caravans and the distance required for transportation. Flatbed trucks or trailer trucks may be used to transport caravans.
  • Loading: Caravans are loaded onto the chosen means of transport using lifting equipment such as cranes or forklifts. Caravans are properly secured to the shipping unit to ensure stability during transport.
  • Transportation: When the transportation process begins, a small vehicle accompanies the transportation truck to secure the road, ensure the safety of the road, alert road users to be careful, and open the road. All necessary permits are obtained to transport the caravan on the roads in all countries through which the truck will pass. The laws of all countries through which the truck will pass must be adhered to.
  • Unloading: When the caravan reaches the desired location, it is unloaded carefully using appropriate equipment, and the process is carried out slowly and carefully to avoid any damage or injury.

It is very important to choose a reliable and professional transportation company or project cargo company to ensure the safety of the caravan during the shipping process, and to avoid accidents on the road, whether on the shipping vehicle, on the caravan, or on other road users.


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