Benefits of doing business with a Freight Forwarder

Benefits of doing business with a Freight Forwarder

    With business booming day after day, the global import and export movement flourished with it, as shipping companies coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another through transport companies, including air, sea and land freight, and all shipping procedures are carried out without any effort on the customer and without He enters into any complex procedures, while ensuring that his shipment reaches its destination, all of this is done through freight agents. And the benefits of dealing with a freight forwarder.

Who is the freight forwarder?

    The freight agent is an essential part of the supply chain, as it participates in all means of sea, air and land transportation, and the freight agent works on behalf of importers and exporters, to complete the transportation of goods through the supply chain, where commercial companies use shipping companies, to transport customers' goods to destinations that they have identified.

Here comes the role of the shipping agent who helps shipping and transport companies, by providing a range of services that include, tracking the transport process, preparing shipping and export documents, warehousing, negotiating shipping fees, insuring goods, and providing insurance requirements, to help importers and exporters transport Their goods across international borders safely and efficiently.

Benefits of dealing with a freight forwarder:

1- It facilitates the charging process:

The shipping agent is responsible for completing the procedures for the movement of goods without any hassles, the more experienced the shipping agent, this leads to the shipping of goods around the world is easy, safe and timely, as the shipping agent performs all the basic procedures such as, shipping documents and customs clearance , negotiating with shipping companies, reserving shipping places, submitting insurance claims, and determining multiple shipping services for each customer according to the type of shipping and also the country to which the shipment is heading.

2- Speed ​​in delivering shipments:

The shipping agent suggests the correct and appropriate way in which goods are transported, whether by sea, air or land, according to the destination of the goods, so that those goods reach their destination quickly, safely and at the lowest possible cost, as he understands the requirements of the customer first and then book the carrier who takes Goods to the requested destination in time at the lowest cost.

3- Negotiating ability and experience:

Freight agents who can negotiate, where they can get the best possible deal, and import and export goods regularly and quickly, as these agents have good relationships with global shipping companies and carriers, which give them a good price for their customers' shipments, which helps to save money and speed respond.

4- Ability to combine shipments:

The combination of the same type of shipment reduces the cost of transportation greatly, as freight forwarders collect small and medium shipments, to make a large shipment, and then send those shipments to the destination country, which helps reduce the cost of transportation, and thus every customer gets a deal Cost-effective.

5- The ability to deal with emergency situations:

Because of natural disasters or some problems sometimes, the shipments are sent to a different port, and here the freight forwarder deals with this type of emergency effectively, through his use of his dealing networks, as well as his years of work experience, he manages and organizes shipments, and from Then send each to its correct destination.

6- Providing maximum safety for shipments:

One of the most important jobs of the freight forwarder is to provide the utmost security, so that customers feel that their goods are in reliable hands, as freight forwarders have the tools and equipment that make the shipped goods reach their destination with the highest degree of safety.

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