Customer satisfaction and reviews are our compass

Customer satisfaction and reviews are our compass

One of the most important reasons for the success of Al-Fares Cargo Services is its adoption of the latest technical methods, the development of its performance and its internal work system, through an efficient and trained team of technicians and administrators who provide the highest level of service, which has resulted in gaining the confidence of the company’s customers and gaining their satisfaction. Al Fares also seeks to develop its ability to spread around the world, to perform wider services with the highest efficiency to always remain the trust of its customers and a satisfactory choice for them.

Our services and customer satisfaction

Al Fares Cargo Services considers that the satisfaction of its customers is one of the most important reasons that led to its success, so it always strives to develop and improve its services constantly, as the company provides many services to achieve all its customers' desires and logistical requirements and obtain their satisfaction, and these services are multiple through:
  • Air Freight
  • Land shipping
  • sea freight
  • Partial Shipping
  • Car Shipping
  • customs clearance
  • Packaging and handling services
  • -Storage services

Our development strategy in Al Fares

1- Continuous qualification of work teams

One of the fundamental matters in developing our work in Al-Fares is the continuous training of the company’s work teams on the latest methods and techniques used in the field of shipping in all its branches and services, with the qualification of the administrative team to deal with customers in the best manner that suits them, in order to satisfy them and implement their requirements in an optimal manner. .

2- Increasing our company branches and agents around the world

To provide a better service, Al Fares International Cargo believes that it must be present in many cities of the world, and to satisfy its customers wherever they are around the world so that they can obtain our services directly.

3- Maintaining the safety of shipments and their delivery times

Maintaining shipments requires technical work and high administrative efficiency, and the use of packaging and shipping methods developed with the latest dealings around the world, committed to delivering those shipments on time and completely safely, to achieve the satisfaction of its customers.

4- Providing customer support

Since Al Fares Cargo Services is an integrated specialized company working in supply chain management, so the company always strives to support the marketing objectives of its customers, and to provide them with all integrated expertise and consultancy in the field of freight management, all by dealing with confidence and mutual respect with its customers, the company It believes that success lies in good treatment, showing respect, compassion and humanity to co-workers and customers, and always working for the benefit of the communities the company serves.

Our customer reviews

Al-Fares customer reviews on Google have shown the result of the work that Al-Fares provided to achieve the satisfaction of its customers.

Al-Fares seeks to respond to its customers' evaluations, learn about their opinions and suggestions for implementation, and address any matters that they consider to be modified to maintain excellence and appreciation.

All this makes Al-Fares in a state of continuous work, and the development of all its services to gain more customers, and it always hopes to achieve their goals and obtain their satisfaction in shipping and logistics.

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