Benefits of using our air freight service

Benefits of using our air freight service

Airfreight is among the freight services provided by Al Fares Cargo Services with high efficiency and quality, as the air freight service is the key to supporting the global trade system. Every year, goods worth trillions of dollars are transported and shipped, and it is well known that air freight is the best alternative to transporting shipments that are characterized as being of high value as well as of small size, so Al Fares Air Cargo attaches special importance to air freight, and given the importance of air freight, we have worked to help our customers understand the extent of that importance by listing a number of benefits of air freight as follows:

The fastest type of shipping

If you want to ship and transport your goods in the fastest time, then air freight is undoubtedly the fastest alternative to transportation when compared to sea freight or land freight, as freight planes fly at a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour, and shipping goods and special baggage often takes by air from one continent to another, only a few hours

The safest shipping way

Since air freight is mostly used for high-value shipments, the safety of shipments is a fundamental and important thing in air freight for Al-Fares, as it is subject to strict control within airports, and air freight at airports around the world is given top priority, and controls have managed The safety of goods shipped by air inside airports is very tight, and customs clearance of most goods is done within hours, in addition to that goods shipped by air are subject to minimal handling, which means that those shipments are handled by a number of Fewer people, thus reducing the risk of damage and theft

You can track your shipment easily

Customers can track their shipments shipped through our air freight service at Al Fares, which gives them a sense of peace of mind and peace of mind knowing that their shipments are being delivered on time. Take-off and landing time as well, making it easy for you to simply monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival.

Air freight may be cheaper than you think

Airfreight costs are affected by two important points, the first is the weight with the volume. Shipping your shipment through fewer hands is also a little more reassuring for both the customer and the shipping company, which lowers the cost of air freight as well.

Send your goods anywhere with air freight

One of the strong features of air freight that characterizes Al Fares as well, is the ability to ship your goods and luggage to almost anywhere in the world, as many airlines have a large network of destinations that cover almost the entire world, and this is what distinguishes Al Fares Air Cargo, where the company has relationships Strong with most international and regional airlines, which makes shipping your goods and belongings by air with us a wonderful thing as your shipment will reach anywhere you want easily, quickly and safely

Full handling of all air freight procedures

One of the main benefits of our air freight that some people do not pay attention to is the administrative aspect. Getting all the customs papers and taking care of them on your behalf is a huge matter. A mistake in its implementation may result in financial fines in addition to many inconveniences, so it is important to hire an experienced shipping company that is able to take on this task successfully, so we at Al Fares can complete all air cargo procedures, no matter how difficult, through a highly experienced team in this field.

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