Car Shipping Ways From Dubai

Moving Vehicles or Car Shipping across Countries can be a tricky process. This requires careful handling, lashing and crating as required.

Our Professional operations are well equipped to handle any kind of vehicle packing and lashing requirements. One of the biggest points in consideration while Car Shipping across countries is to have a thorough knowledge of the customs and documentation requirements along with the implications of duties and taxes if any.

Our expert trained team is able to provide complete guidance in that part and ensures to raise the right level of expectations to ensure no surprises at the other end.

We operate an efficient CFS facility that can handle all types of container cargos.

Our CFS is fully equipped to handle the various services including cargo storage for export and import, cargo consolidation, cargo marking and segregation, container stuffing and de-stuffing and crafting and packing.

Car Shipping From Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE :

AlFares Cargo Services specializes in the shipping of cars from the UAE to the Gulf countries, Arab countries and the world Within an organized service that offers our customers convenience and ease of travel, wherever they are in Asia, Europe and Africa.

How Can We Ship Our Car From Dubai?

- Car shipping from the UAE by land freight to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Eygpt, Yemen.

Through a fleet of car carriers with regular trips, or through the express shipping service For shipping luxury cars and sport cars from and to all the United Arab Emirates.

- Car Shipping from Dubai by sea freight within sea containers or through (RORO) Service.

And through international shipping lines from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and UAE ports to most of the world including Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Dar Al Salaam, Tanzania, Mombasa ,Kenya, Durban, South Africa, Beira, Mozambique, Dakar, Douala, Tema, Luanda, Lome, Zanzibar and, and all African countries.

Al Fares has considerable experience in the shipping operations of cars shipping and safety procedures for cars.

AlFares also provides guidance on documents required in the process of exporting and shipping cars.

- Car shipping from Dubai by air freight is a special and distinctive service that is available to many destinations in the world.


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