Shipping from Dubai to Kuwait

Are you looking for a distinctive company that makes it easy for you to ship and saves you time and offers you the fastest service Do you want to send goods and shipments from Dubai to Kuwait? Al Fares is the best option that provides customers with a wide range of cargo services throughout Kuwait  

Shipping from Dubai to Kuwait:

1- Land freight from Dubai to Kuwait:

Al Fares is committed to professionalism, vocationally and specialization to serve its customers and to be at their best Therefore, Al Fares provides many large trucks of different sizes (3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons .....) and trucks for transporting all goods what ever the weights and sizes

2- Air freight from Dubai to Kuwait:

Air freight is the fastest shipping method which ensures the arrival of shipments and goods in less transit time Al Fares Company provided this fast and secure service for the arrival of shipments to Kuwait Whatever the types of shipments, Al Fares is ready to receive, process and pack them well in order to obtain a good volume weight that provides a suitable price for our customers. And then we process the shipment after processing all the necessary Documents for import and customs clearance Our experience in the field of air freight guarantees you the safety and punctuality as set out in the Air Way Bill to always get the satisfaction of our customers

3- Sea Shipping from Dubai to Kuwait:

Sea freight is the most cost-effective shipping method for large and even medium cargo Al Fares provides its customers with shipping service with the possibility of shipping and transporting all cargo, whether full or Partial. We have high experience in the field of shipping of regular containers, refrigerated and open top to and from Kuwait Al Fares offers marine insurance services on all types of shipments. We are also specialize in shipping and transporting cars from Dubai to Kuwait

Advantages of the shipping with Al Fares from Dubai to Kuwait:

Al Fares Cargo Services seeks to be committed to credibility and flexibility with its customers and complete its work perfectly to get the trust of its customers • Fast delivery and Submission • Door-to-Door service • Extensive experience in maritime and air transit • Fast shipping service • Freight insurance for shipping risks in coordination with the customer • temporary storage service • following the principle of competitiveness in rates and to help the client to obtain a suitable weight of Volume guarantees a lower price

Cargo areas covered by Al Fares Company in Kuwait:

Al fares transfers all types of shipments (cars, furniture, furniture, glass, building materials ...) foodstuffs, industrial and medical equipment, and all other from all cities in the UAE to Kuwait, Mubarak Al Kabir, Farwaniya, Jahra, Hawalli, Abdali and all regions ......)

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