HS CODE Dealing with customs clearance procedures in the world is one of the things that need a lot of time and effort, this drain of time and effort is a problem that all people and countries around the world suffer from, and in search of a solution to this problem, many countries have sought to f... More
Cargo insurance
Cargo insurance When your shipments are in transit, they are exposed to risks that can cause them to be lost or damaged. For example, if the shipment is lost at sea due to the sinking of the container ship, the responsibility of the shipping companies is usually not enough to cover the value of you... More
What is an MSDS Certificate? And why do you ask when shipping hazardous materials? The MSDS certificate is an acronym for the Material safety data sheet, and this bulletin is dedicated to the safety of hazardous chemicals as it contains all the important data related to each substance. There are m... More
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