Futian Market in Yiwu, China

The Futian Market is considered one of the most important markets in the world and one of the largest in the world. The market is in the Chinese city of Yiwu in the central Zhejiang Province near the port of Shanghai and Ningbo. International tourist destinations, whether for commercial or recreational purposes.

What is Futian Market?

As we mentioned, the Futian Market is in the Chinese city of Yiwu. It originated in 1982 on an area of five and a half million square meters. The market includes about 75,000 stores, accommodating two hundred thousand employees per day, and covers 17 major industries and more than nine thousand sub-industries, with a total of products that may exceed half a million Producer.

It is an important economic factor for the Republic of China, as its annual sales amount to about 15 billion dollars. Its products are exported to more than 219 countries, and more than half a million containers of goods go out for export annually.

This made it classified as the largest wholesale market for general and durable goods around the world, and its products are distinguished by adequate quality and flexible work schedules that allow the possibility of shopping and getting what you want as the market opens its doors from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

Also, you are not required to buy any specific quantity or pay any exorbitant sums, so even if he goes there to buy a single carton of goods, no one will be exposed to you, but your request will be carried out with the utmost welcome. But you must beware of intermediaries who will try to sell some products at inflated prices. You also must realize that many of them have weak English, so you should try to conclude a lot for each understanding with them.

Sections of the Futian Market

The Futian Market is characterized by a very distinctive architectural design, as it consists of five different sections, each of which offers a specific group of products, and each section consists of several floors ranging from three to five floors. All five sections are completely connected to each other so that through any section, you can directly access the other four sections without the need to leave one building to another.

As for the division of the five sections that make up the market, it is as follows:

1- First Section

This section consists of four floors, in which there are more than ten thousand stores, in which there are many restaurants, banks, and rest houses to serve the visitors of the market and provide them with rest time.

As for the four floors, toys and decorations are displayed on the first floor, jewelry and accessories on the second floor, and decorations, ornaments, decorations, and antiques on the third floor, while the fourth floor includes representatives of the factories.

2- Section Two

It consists of five floors and includes about ten thousand stores, in which there are also restaurants, banks, and restrooms for visitors. As for the five floors, bags, rain umbrellas, tents, and school tools are displayed on the first floor, and on the second floor, electrical and office products and accessories are displayed, and on the third-floor electronic devices, the kitchen and bathroom tools are displayed. The fourth floor consists of different and large showrooms, including many centers and malls, and on the fifth floor, there are export agencies.

3- Section Three

It also consists of five floors, through which it houses about seven thousand meters, and includes the first and second floors, office and cultural products, ink and papers, and on the third and fourth floors, there are clothes, cosmetics, and hair care products, while the fifth floor displays imported products.

4- Section Four

This section consists of about nineteen thousand stores specialized in displaying textile products, sewing, and embroidery tools, as well as underwear, bathing tools, socks, gloves, hats, and neckties, as well as some shoes and leather.

5- Section Five

There are more than seven thousand stores in it, and the products on its five floors vary between handicrafts, curtains, sewing tools, upholstery, car accessories, and spare parts, and food for pet supplies.

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