How to choose between shipping companies in Dubai

How to choose between shipping companies in Dubai

Shipping companies are the only important and savior element to complete any business process between two parties separated by a long distance, and Dubai is characterized by the availability of many shipping companies in it, which makes it difficult for the customer to choose one of them to deal with, and here we will explain a number of important criteria that we must look at so that we can Comparing shipping companies in Dubai to find the best.

Criteria for differentiation between shipping companies:

Problems always appear after contracting with a shipping company in Dubai, where the customer discovers what he is about from a real reality represented in the capabilities of the company he contracted with. Therefore, in order not to fall into those problems, before contracting with any shipping company in Dubai, you are aware of a number of criteria that enable you to compare among them, and those criteria are:

1- Nature of the product or shipment shipped by the customer:

The customer must think well about the nature of the products he deals in through two points, the first is what is the volume of the products he deals in? And the second is, do these products need special handling during shipment? Answering these questions will help you find the right shipping company.

Usually, the cost of shipping products is fixed most of the time, but with a difference in the size and type of the product to be shipped in this case, we will need to search for the right company that offers special prices in transporting and shipping different sizes and types of goods.

Not only that, but there are also a number of companies that provide insurance on the goods they transport as a service without an additional cost, and in the event of any problem, the customer can benefit from this insurance, while some other companies provide insurance service for an additional amount or they may not care about it at all.

2- Delivery time:

The time of delivery that the customer understands is the time between his ordering the product and until the product arrives at it, as he is not aware of what happens in between, so there must be specific and accurate knowledge of the delivery time provided by the company to the customer, and also does the company support the express delivery service or not, these matters are very important to the customer, especially to be clearly done.

Also, if the customer encounters a problem in customs clearance of the product, he must be clearly aware of the obstacles that may hinder importing this product, and therefore this item is one of the important items in the differentiation between shipping companies in Dubai.

3- Shipping cost:

One of the important points in comparing shipping companies in UAE is the cost of shipping and transporting shipments, and the price evaluation is determined by several factors, namely:

  • The need for packaging or refrigeration of the product being shipped
  • Dimensions, weight, and nature of the shipment
  • The extent to which the product is subject to risks of breakage or damage
  • The time is taken to deliver the shipment
  • Destination which the product will be shipped and the local delivery area

And most likely, when comparing shipping companies, we should be interested in clarifying the costs and prices for services in full, especially if the shipments that are transported have a large weight or products that require very special importance in dealing with them, and also in the case if the customer increases the number of shipments How much will the shipping cost be, and is there an advantage that the company will offer him in this direction?

4- Customer Service:

One of the important items that differentiate between a shipping company in Dubai and another is the extent to which its services are provided to customers and the method it follows for that, in terms of providing tracking service for its shipment, which makes it easy for him to track it until the shipment reaches the specified place, with transparency and honesty with the customer and a speed of response to him, all of this makes the customer prefers a shipping company over others, as well as the extent of his satisfaction with that company through its professional and clear dealings with him.

5- Global network coverage:

A very important criterion in the differentiation between shipping companies in Dubai is the extent of the geographical coverage provided by the companies. and continents, as they need an international shipping company that meets their logistical needs and covers their supply chain properly.

Of course, there are many other criteria that distinguish a professional shipping company in Dubai from its counterparts. We previously mentioned the most important criteria that must be considered when choosing between shipping companies and international transport company in Dubai.


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