International Moving Companies in UAE

International Moving Companies in UAE

Moving from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to the world is considered one of the most important requirements of clients, regardless of whether the furniture is personal or new for export and trade to other countries. In this regard, the shipping companies that provides furniture shipping service have varied, but not all of them possess the required skill and experience in this field, which considered as unique, therefore, we have dedicated this article to you to get to know more about furniture shipping companies from Dubai to the rest of the countries and the most important features that these companies should have to suit your logistical needs.

The best furniture Moving companies are the ones constantly working to provide the highest levels of professionalism and an outstanding performance in the transport and shipment of furniture from the UAE, including dismantling, packing & packaging to the items and transporting them through a specially equipped cars to ensure safe arrival, in addition to providing a comprehensive clearance to  all shipments, whether by land or sea freight, and ensuring that they reach the required destination in the fastest duration possible, and providing insurance services during the shipping process in case shipments got damaged or injured to meet the requirements of customers. Now let’s get to know the methods used to ship international furniture:

Furniture Shipping from the UAE through land freight:

Furniture is shipped by land freight from the UAE to neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Syria, Egypt, and various trucks are used for this matter according to weights, including 3 tons, 7 tons, and 10 tons, and also according to dimensions. Also closed and open trucks, including trailers 12 meters, 15 meters in addition to refrigerated closed trucks with a capacity of 40 feet and all of them are well equipped to operate the required service.

Furniture Shipping from the UAE through sea freight:

Furniture is shipped via sea freight from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to various countries and ports of the world, 20 feet containers and 40 feet containers are used for this matter according to the quantity and size of the furniture required for shipping. The method of loading furniture inside containers is considered one of the most important factors that should be available in the distinguished freight forwarders, as it is necessary to seek the assistance from experienced and skilled workers in this field so that the furniture is arranged in a specific way inside the container to ensure its safe arrival without breaking or damages.

The most important characteristic of these containers is that they are tightly closed, which prevents any humidity or damage to reach the furniture while sailing. Sea freight systems in furniture transportation are divided into two types:

FCL (Full Container Load), this system is suitable for clients who wish to ship large quantities of furniture or household furniture in a private container, where all the customer’s goods are shipped in a full container dedicated for him only. This system is the best and fastest shipping system and Moving companies in the UAE usually extract all the shipping papers necessary for export.

The other type is the LCL (Less than Container Load), and this system includes shipping the furniture in part of a container in case the quantity of the furniture is slight and does not need a full container, and the container includes other shipments for several clients. The international moving companies extract all required papers and bills for each customer separately.

As for the most important and most prominent advantages provided by the international shipping companies for furniture in Dubai as follows:

  • Providing a variety of transport trucks in terms of sizes and weights equipped to transport furniture safely
  • Providing packaging and packing services for furniture all through trained technical personnel and good and adequate packaging materials
  • Providing insurance service during shipping and transportation to ensure its safety arrival
  • Providing warehouses equipped to collect and store customer’s purchases of furniture and other items and preserving it until shipping
  • Delivering the shipment at the lowest possible cost and the shortest duration to ensure outstanding service and competitiveness
  • Clearing all required permits for shipping and customs clearance
  • Contracting with the best shipping lines that provide containers of all types and with regular flight times, so the shipments arrive on the arranged and agreed date
  • Provide advice to clients regarding the transportation and shipment of furniture globally
  • Follow the quality standards corresponding to shipping conditions and ensure the safety of all shipments

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