Luggage shipping from Dubai

Al-Fares Cargo provides shipping services for personal luggage and extra weight for individuals from Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE to most countries and cities around the world. For many years, we facilitate this service to more than 250 cities in the world either to Arab countries, Europe, Britain, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Russia Central Asian and African countries, making us one of the most important baggage carriers in Dubai and the UAE. We have always been a convenient choice for our individual customers, families, students, expatriates, residents or tourists alike.

Personal items and baggage shipping are important in terms of saving money and facilitating the relocation process for individuals. The process starts from receiving your personal items from your place of residence, till delivered at the requested destination with the door to door or door to the airport, to ensure easiness of the whole shipping process for you.

Every year, we receive hundreds of inquiries from people looking for a more cost-effective way to send their luggage to outside the UAE. As you know, airlines charge frequently high prices on the excess weight in your personal luggage.

For example, one of the airline’s company charges more than $ 25 per kilo for excess baggage to Africa, Asia, and Europe from Dubai.

At a fraction of this cost, Al Fares Cargo has provided luggage and personal items shipping service from Dubai via air freight, so feel free to discover the difference by ordering the free price offer from our company at any time!

When you choose to ship your belongings via air freight from Dubai, you will be able to track your bags and shipments through the world as you move to your destination.

Our strategy in air freight is based on booking the first flight to the destination country and ensuring that the process is done properly and safely. This strategy helped us achieve customer satisfaction.

At Al Fares Cargo, we always strive to expand our services in the personal shipping by providing comprehensive services and high quality in accordance with our customers’ needs in the international shipping from Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE to the world, providing extensive care for the shipments of any kind or content. Accordingly, our staff provides a set of packing materials, polystyrene fillings and air bubbles (you can look at the packing and packaging materials page to have a briefer idea on the materials we provide).

Enjoy a variety of international shipping options at Al Fares for cargo services through air, sea and land freight. As well as storage, delivering and receiving options.

Al Fares Cargo Provides shipping for personal luggage and excess baggage to a lot of cities around the world, like:

Paris, London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Munich, Athens, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Istanbul, Moscow, Vienna, Prague, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Geneva, Oslo, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Singapore, Mumbai, New York, Abuja, Abidjan, Conakry, Bamako, ….. Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Manama, Kuwait, Baghdad, Amman and Beirut, Cairo, Tunis, Casablanca and many cities and capitals of the world.

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