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Maersk Line is considered one of the largest shipping lines around the world, as it connects all ports on almost every continent. Maersk Line was founded in 1904 in Denmark, and today we find the company’s ships sailing under the flags of many countries such as Denmark, Singapore, and China.

Maersk offers a wide range of shipping services, whether shipping container ships, oil tankers or supply ships and car carriers. The company also provides a range of logistical services such as storage and transportation.

Maersk is one of the most reliable and effective companies in the world, and its ships are the most technologically advanced in the world. The company is always looking for ways to improve its services to provide the best possible service to its customers.

History of Maersk Shipping Line

The company was founded in 1904 in Denmark by AP Moller, and since then it has grown to become one of the largest shipping companies in the world, and the company has a long history full of innovations as it is a pioneer in the development of container shipping.

The first Maersk branch was opened on April 16, 1904, in the city of Svedberg. Captain Peter Maersk Miller and his son Arnold Peter Miller began working in this branch, and despite all the great difficulties they faced, both father and son were able to earn money that helped them buy an old steamer and to honour where that steamer was made, they called it Svedberg.

In 1912 Arnold Peter Miller founded the new transport company "Dampskibsselskabet". Conditions during World War I allowed the shipping business and the Maersk shipping line to grow rapidly, until the merger of both companies in 2003.

In 1918, Maersk Line built its first shipyard, based on the company's previous shipping experience, they wanted to build ships themselves, but in 2012, this shipyard closed.

Establishment of the first Maersk office

With the opening of Maersk's first overseas office in 1919, which they called ISMOLCO, and this branch was established in New York, the company's business began to grow and succeed exponentially in the following years.

Then the world's first diesel-powered ship, the Leise Maersk, was built in 1928 and was tasked with navigating between the United States and Asia.

Then Maersk embarked on a new business in 1928. The first voyage in the history of the Maersk Line departed from Baltimore in the United States and travelled to Asian ports via the Panama Canal and the East Coast. Until 1947, it was the only ship to travel this route. Auto parts for the Ford Motor Company were the first shipment ever shipped by the company.

Maersk faced difficulties and stopped working during World War II in 1946, then the company started again to resume the Maersk shipping line between the United States and Asia.

Information about Maersk:

Maersk is the largest shipping line, established in 1928.

The company has 374 offices in 116 countries, with 31,600 employees, including 7,000 shipping crew. Maersk operates in several sectors, the most important of which is the energy and transport sector, and it is the tenth-largest operator of containers and supplies vessels in the world.

Maersk is one the most important shipping lines, the company is considered one of the most important leading shipping lines around the world, as it owns a fleet consisting of more than 1000 ships and more than one and a half million containers.

Maersk Line services

Since Maersk is one of the most important international shipping companies and land, sea, and air transport, it seeks to provide our customers with international freight services, especially door-to-door service.

For example, by sea freight, transportation takes place through more than 1,000 container ships, and inland freight, Maersk owns a fleet of cars equipped and qualified to transport goods, equipment, and devices to be transported by the company's customers.

- Maersk has agents in more than 150 countries and guarantees to its customers and trade for their own that they get a highly efficient service all over the world.

- Ship service from Maersk is very huge, as it owns a wide and modern fleet of containers and ships, equipped with the highest level of control devices, of the latest model and high technology in the manufacture of control devices

- Maersk has many different sizes and types of containers that suit your needs, to transport goods through Maersk Shipping Lines, as the ships and containers in the company are among the most modern and developed ships with high safety

- Maersk provides its current and potential customers with shipment tracking service.

Logistics solutions

Maersk develops solutions that meet customer needs, and these solutions vary as follows:

Digital solutions

We all buy goods, track deliveries, and pay online. Shipping with Maersk is no different. The company's dedicated online services reduce the complexities of the shipping process.

Financial services

As experts in integrated global logistics, we provide powerful financial and compensation solutions to meet your supply chain needs.

Supply Chain and Logistics

The company is at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions, integrating the company's global network, and deepening the company's expertise in leading digital innovations to enable the company's customers to stay ahead.

Transport services

No matter your industry, commodity, or key markets, Maersk has solutions that offer small and large businesses the opportunity to grow. They serve their clients by offering frequent departures on all major trade lanes and in-house services for a true experience from start to finish.

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