SABER certificate for imports (in Saudi Arabia)

SABER certificate for imports (in Saudi Arabia)

Obtaining the Saber Import Certificate is one of the best electronic services that can be obtained through the Saber electronic portal, where we can extract all commercial certificates related to all goods and products before shipment and when they are imported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by registering on the Saber electronic platform. And then enter all the data needed to extract the certificates.

Saber platform

The Saber platform is the electronic platform that facilitates the interaction between the supplier on the one hand and the factory on the other hand, as the platform facilitates the electronic issuance of certificates related to consumer products, whether those products were manufactured inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to facilitate the entry of these products into Saudi Market.

The importance of the Saber platform

The platform monitors the markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by registering products and goods that are imported into the Kingdom through several strict procedures, as these products are subject to tests and checks with a full review of all manufacturing and quality procedures that the product goes through, all of the above helps to No adulterated, counterfeit or poor-quality products shall be entered into the Saudi market.

Advantages of Saber Electronic System

  • Through which the Saber certificate for various commodities is easily and easily obtained
  • Helps to make an inventory of all products that are subject to Saudi and Gulf regulations
  • The platform helps both importers and exporters improve the quality of their products
  • The platform facilitates the management and follow-up of the goods that have been registered through the platform and those who have obtained the issued certificates
  • The link between the Saber electronic platform with the Fasah platform and the Saudi customs, helped a lot in reducing costs and customs burdens on both importers and traders.

Entities associated with the Saber platform

  • Saudi Customs
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization
  • Conformity assessment bodies and the issuance of conformity certificates

Entities interested in registering products on the Saber platform

  • Import, trade, and distribution companies
  • Owners of local factories, and agents of international companies
  • Exporters to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from various countries of the world
  • Shipping companies, transport, and customs clearance.

Steps for obtaining Saber certificates for imports:

  • In the beginning, registration is done on the platform by filling in some data, these data are the commercial registration number of the facility, the e-mail, and the inclusion of a password
  • After registering on the platform, the platform is logged in to the login page, in which the username and password are written, then the verification code is entered, and click on enter
  • After entering the platform, go to the main menu and then click on the electronic service's icon, then choose the Saber certificates service
  • Fill in the data for the certificate to be extracted
  • Register the products on the Saber program, and enter the technical data for each product, whether it is subject to technical regulations or not.
  • Determining a conformity assessment body from among the bodies accepted for conformity assessment via the platform.
  • Follow up on the issuance of the appropriate certificates.
  • Once you obtain a product conformity certificate, you can request a shipping certificate where this certificate is sent to the Saudi Customs Authority with each consignment to complete the customs clearance of the imported product and its entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Registering products on the Saber platform:

Registering products on the Saber platform is one of the most important services provided by Saber. The steps are as follows:

  • Log in to the platform through the main page of the platform
  • Then choose the main menu, and then click on E-Services
  • Then select the service of adding products, in one of the following ways provided by the platform, either by “searching for the customs code that pertains to the product” or “searching by product classification”
  • Choosing the required product and completing its data, which is to choose the country of origin of the product (a locally manufactured product or an imported product), then choosing the brand of the product, and finally completing the rest of the product data, adding clear pictures of the product
  • Finally, the save button is pressed, so that the product is saved within the Saber platform

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