Saudi Arabia allows the import of used cars of any model

Saudi Arabia allows the import of used cars of any model

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, announced allowing the import of used cars for any model, which do not meet energy efficiency specifications, as well as allowing the import of cars produced outside the permissible age, and this will be done in return for a payment of a fee called “in exchange for importing a vehicle “. The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority has announced that this new system of import “for importing vehicles” will be applied to the import of used light cars that do not match the specifications of energy efficiency or the age allowed in the Saudi customs system, and it is allowed to import those types of cars for Saudi individuals as well Individuals holders of premium residency, and this system will not require specific models of cars, as it will be circulated for all models, but this decision will not apply to antique cars or sports cars.

 Calculation method for vehicle import

The fee for importing a vehicle will be calculated at a rate ranging from 20% to 50% of the price of the car that is imported on this system, and the amount of the percentage for each car will be calculated according to its condition, whether in terms of energy efficiency or its age, with the observance that it will not decrease in value for Importing the vehicle for 20,000 Saudi riyals. Car experts inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have said that the consideration for importing the car will be calculated through two equations, the first for calculating energy efficiency, and the second for calculating the age of the car, and those equations are as follows:

  • Calculation of the vehicle import fee that does not match the energy efficiency = (target fuel economy - actual fuel economy) divided by 10, then the result is multiplied by the value of the vehicle.
  • Calculating against importing a vehicle older than 5 years = 3.5 factorials (vehicle age - 5), then the result is multiplied by the value of the vehicle.

Vehicle import calculator

The calculation may seem complicated at the moment, so in order to facilitate this calculation for all individuals applying to import a used car, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will work on launching a calculator so that individuals can know the amount of the vehicle import fee, after making an entry Some information about the car that will be imported before completing the purchase and shipping process.

Wide welcome for the decision to allow the import of used cars

The decision was widely welcomed on social networking sites among Saudis and in particular the social networking platform Twitter, where the reactions of many Saudis varied. Many hoped that this decision would contribute to reducing the currently very high price of cars, and others demanded that the decision include the introduction of Sports and old cars as well, and it was also reflected in the movement of car shipping to Saudi Arabia as well.

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