Sea Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai

The Importance of Sea Freight Shipping in Dubai

Sea freight is one of the oldest and most important shipping methods in the world, where it depends on ships to transport goods. Ships are capable of handling heavy goods and equipment’s of large sizes, which cannot be shipped on through air freight. It also can reach different far destinations from around world, unlike land freight that can reach only neighboring countries.

The Role of Sea Freight Forwarding Companies in the UAE

Sea freight shipping requires a lot of procedures, documents and approvals, which is difficult for the consignee to do alone, especially since he has no experience or knowledge of these procedures, and shipping companies take over all matters related to sea freight shipping, and does not bother the customers to carry any burdens.

Major shipping companies always prioritize the procedures, they first study the shipment and the destination to determine the best shipping line suitable for the process, and they choose the shortest transit option, as well as examining customer's goods to determine the type, number, weights and sizes, as well as providing the option of receiving the goods in the warehouse and reloading and assembling according to the client's logistics requirements. On this basis, you can choose the appropriate cruise, and the system through which the shipment of goods is to be proceeded.

Sea Freight Forwarding Systems

FCL (Full Container Load):

This option is suitable for customers who wish to ship large quantities of goods, as the goods are gathered in a separate container dedicated to this customer only. This option is considered the best and fastest shipping system among other shipping systems. The shipping companies collect most of the documents and customs papers for these goods or shipments separately of the other goods on the same ship.

LCL (Less Than Container Load):

This option involves shipping the customer's goods in part of the container and not the entire container, where it includes goods and shipments from other customers. Shipping documents and customs data for these goods are also proceeded separatly of the other goods contained in the container, and the cost of shipping through LCL is relatively lower than the FCL, in case the costs of the port of destination country is not high.

Bulk Shipping:

This option is dedicated for large weight loads such as construction materials, petroleum derivatives, basic foodstuffs or large machinery, as well as transferring large projects across the oceans and other materials that need large spaces on the surface of the ship.

Freight Forwarding Companies in UAE always seek to reduce shipping procedures on the clients, its cars are designed specially transport goods to the port, ensuring safety arrival to the shipments. Freight forwarding companies in the UAE have the potential to transport heavy equipment, in addition to the shipment of cars safely and at reasonable costs.

Shipping companies in Dubai provides help in sorting goods and identifying sensitive objects that are vulnerable to breakage and need special attention. They package the goods using the latest techniques and materials used in packaging as per customer’s requests, which preserves the goods throughout the transport procedure, especially for sensitive objects and are vulnerable to damage and breakage, theses shipments are usually put in special box and wrapped efficiently.

Freight Forwarding Companies also provide containers of different options to suit the size, type and nature of the goods transported, ensuring that the goods are not damaged or broken during their time on the ship (See container sizes and types), as well as arranging the goods in containers accurately and orderly so that the goods are not congested. At the same time, spaces are optimized and utilized in the most convenient way. The shipping company will finish all the necessary documents and approvals needed for the shipment to be carried and proceeded, such as the country of origin, as well as finalizing all customs clearance procedures.

At al Fares Cargo Services and Clearance, as a one of a Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai and, Abu Dhabi we depend in our mission and vision on a professional and dedicated staff in handling all sea freight operations, and representing a global position to provide local and global expertise and skill in running the supply chain in all commercial aspects, through knowledge and care to provide the best sea freight shipping services with professionalism, accuracy and trustworthy to satisfy all customers in UAE and around the world. All of our services are conducted through our strong relation ship with the most well-known shipping lines from all around the world.


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