Air Freight Shipping Companies in UAE

Air Cargo Shipping Companies in Dubai UAE

Air freight is one of the fastest and most accurate and flexible shipping option in implementation due to the variety of options available and the difference in service frequencies for shipments between different airlines, as well as the diversity in prices and compensability in case of loss or damage. The rapid pace of change in the global market and competitiveness requires exporters and importers to sustain their platforms in these markets, so they must have a fast and convenient way to deliver their goods in the requested time. On the other hand, we must not forget the fact that some of the goods requires fast shipping such as vegetables and fruits, as they are expired pretty quickly, and air freight is the best option in this manner. Using modern aircraft with large loading capabilities allowed the loading of larger quantities of goods.

On the other hand, expanding the network of stations by the airlines provided great potential in reaching areas and cities that were difficult to reach in the past as quickly as required through land or sea, all of these previous factors made air freight shipping companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE an important companion in the supply chain and logistics.

Air freight cargo companies’ steps to complete the air shipping procedure:

  • Items are shipped through conducting a contract between the airline and the consignor through the air cargo companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, specifying the general conditions for completion of the shipment.
  • The air cargo company will receive the shipments and send them to the airport after the transport document is prepared "airway bill”, which has all the information about the weight, size and type of the shipments, as well as information about the shipper, freight forwarder, and the consignee who will receive the shipment, his name and address. The documents also will include info about the airport of departure and arrival, delivery date, duration of the shipping process and delivering the shipments to the consignee, and others of terms of shipping.
  • The consignee must hand over all the necessary documents to facilitate the passage of goods by the government authorities at the airports.
  • The airlines shall notify the consignee of the arrival of the shipment to its destination, hand over the airway bill, and then deliver the goods in the same condition they left them, as per the weight and quantity. Compensation will be provided to the consignee or the sender in case any damage occurs to the shipment.

The Role of Air Freight Cargo Companies in Dubai and UAE in the air cargo process:

  • Receiving shipments from the sender, as well as providing the service of packaging the goods and shipments in boxes or cartons
  • The consignor or consignee shall be assisted in completing the procedures and documents required for export and customs clearance when goods are shipped or received
  • Air freight forwarding companies will assist in the selecting the airlines and suitable flights for the transportation of their goods in the shortest possible duration and at the lowest costs
  • Termination of all necessary procedures and confirmations required from customs and permission to allow export.
  • Providing insurance on shipments as per customer’s request
  • A comprehensive inspection for shipments for the sake of safety, as well as the process of refill and packaging, and it comes in several stages as follows:
  1. Examination of the type of shipment, destination, and the method of shipping (land - sea - air)
  2. Providing the necessary materials for packing and packaging according to the quality of the content (furniture- household items – breakable items)
  3. Refilling process to achieve the best volumetric weight and thus customers will get the best shipping price
  4. Air freight forwarding companies in Dubai are sorting shipments to identify hazardous, flammable and fragile items that require special treatment.
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