Shipping from Dubai to Cambodia

Dubai is one of the most important commercial and logistics centres in the world, home to Dubai International Airport and DP World, which connect Dubai to more than 200 destinations around the world. Dubai also has a thriving business environment that encourages innovation and diversity. In addition, Dubai provides a wide range of products and goods of high quality and competitive prices, such as clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture, cars, and others.
Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia that is increasingly popular with investors and tourists. Cambodia has an open economy and free market and seeks to develop its industrial, agricultural, and service sectors. Cambodia is also famous for its rich culture, picturesque nature, and historical monuments. Some of the products in demand by importers from Cambodia are clothing, fabrics, gemstones, and wood.

Shipping methods used from Dubai to Cambodia

From Dubai to Cambodia, there are several shipping methods available, including air freight and sea freight. Here is a detailed explanation of each:

1. Air freight:

  • Time Required: Air shipping is the fastest option and usually takes 4 to 7 days to reach Cambodia with customs clearance procedures.
  • Tonnage and cost: Goods can be shipped in different sizes, but the cost is higher compared to sea freight.
  •  Advantages: Fast delivery, and air freight provide a convenient option for urgent shipments and high-value products.
  • Additional Considerations: Air freight rules, customs requirements, and necessary permits must be taken care of to ensure the safety of the shipment and its smooth receipt in Cambodia.

2. Sea freight:

  •  It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to reach Cambodia, depending on the chosen cruise lines.
  • Payload and Cost: Sea shipping is an affordable option for large, non-urgent shipments. Large-sized goods and shipments can be shipped in sea containers.
  •  Advantages: Lower cost compared to air freight, suitable for high volume shipments and non-time critical.
  • Additional considerations: Care should be taken to properly prepare goods for sea shipment and use appropriate packaging to ensure the safety of the goods during sea transportation.

How to complete the customs clearance process from Dubai to Cambodia:

Of course, the customs clearance process for shipping from Dubai to Cambodia is an important part of the international shipping process. This process is done through several steps, which are as follows:

  1.  Preparing the required documents: For customs clearance, you will need to submit some important and required documents. These documents include the Commercial Invoice which contains details of the goods shipped and their value, the Packing List which shows the packaging details and weight, the Bill of Lading and the Insurance Certificate if required.
  2.  Permits and Licenses: You may also need to obtain specific permits and licenses to import goods into Cambodia. You should check the specific customs requirements of the goods you wish to ship and ensure compliance with these requirements.
  3. Customs duties and taxes: You must also pay customs duties and taxes required for goods to enter Cambodia. These duties and taxes may vary depending on the type and value of the goods and the specific commercial arrangements. It is recommended to check with the customs authorities in Cambodia for exact details.
  4. Customs clearance agents: It may be better to work with a certified customs clearance agent to facilitate the customs clearance process. Customs clearance agents have experience and knowledge of customs procedures and can handle documents, licenses and payment arrangements on your behalf.
  5.  Inspection and examination: There may be inspection and examination of goods by Cambodian customs to ensure compliance with local standards and laws. Goods may be randomly selected for inspection, or suspicious goods may be identified based on available information.

Services provided by Al Fares to its customers when shipping from Dubai to Cambodia:

Al Fares offers a range of services to facilitate the shipping process from Dubai to Cambodia, including, for example:

  1. Packaging and packing service: The company works to protect the goods from damage, theft, or leakage during transportation.
  2.  Storage and assembly service: Al Fares helps store shipments and assemble them in safe warehouses in Dubai. 
  3. Preparing the necessary documents for shipping and customs clearance: It helps in preparing and sending the documents required to prove the ownership, value, origin, and destination of the goods, as well as paying the fees, taxes, and fines resulting from the shipping process.
  4.  Car shipping: Al Fares provides a specialized service for shipping cars from Dubai to Cambodia via sea or air freight
  5. Arranging shipping and planning: Al-Fares helps in arranging and organizing the shipping process in an integrated manner. This includes determining the best means of transportation (air, sea) and determining the optimal logistical methods and scheduling of the shipment.

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