Shipping from Dubai to Dar Es Salam – Tanzania

If you want to ship or move your goods from the UAE to Dar Es Salaam, or if you are looking for long term logistics solutions, we can offer you outstanding shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Dar Es Salaam Port in Tanzania through a variety modern techniques and sea freight solution that will suit your requirements and wishes.

In this regard, we at Al Fares cargo offer you shipping solutions for all goods, products and cars to Dar es Salaam Port in Tanzania aligning with the international standards for shipping and with competitive prices, including inspection services for goods and products, ensuring their safety, eligibility to shipping, speed of procedures and ensuring their arrival as soon as possible while providing insurance services during the shipping process.

FCL Sea Freight Shipping from the UAE to Tanzania:

Our agents are working hard to provide you with the best competitive prices for sea freight from Jebel Ali pot in Dubai till Tanzania port through Full Container Loads (FCL). Our reduced prices are based on partnerships and contracts with the best international shipping lines, and the containers are protected from damage and theft, as they are closed at the location of exporting after loading the cargo and are not reopened until you reach the customs of the destination country and the consignee's warehouse. Containers are provided in standard sizes, usually 20 feet and 40 feet long, and are ideal for loading all types of goods Including goods that do not usually accumulate well enough in transport, which makes it easier to ship them. We provide you with important procedures such as sorting goods, identifying sensitive and fragile goods or goods that need special treatment and handling in a professional manner which will keep them safe and sound throughout the transport period, as well as providing trucks to transport containers from the port to your warehouses and vice versa.

Sea Freight through LCL from the UAE to Tanzania:

If you do not have enough cargo to fill the container, and the best option will probably be Less than Container Load (LCL), so if you don’t mind loading your goods with other customers' goods and the objects won’t be damaged easily, LCL shipping will save you a lot of costing.

Our most important feature is the skill in choosing the best shipping lines that are characterized by conducting regular trips and routes that suits you’re your shipping requirements and the types of goods shipped, which ensures safe arrival, In addition to arranging the goods in the container in a precise and organized manner, so as to prevent stacking and ensure optimum use of spaces and the completion of all procedures and approvals and permits required for shipping.

The most important characteristic of the service:

  • Receiving your goods from all cities of the UAE and shipping the, to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Follow-up, inspection and fine packaging for the safety of shipments
  • Handling all documents for export and clearance in Dar es Salaam
  • Loading the goods in a safe manner to ensure no damage is incurred
  • Our services include general cargo handling, container bookings of all kinds, as well as Providing equipped vehicles and trailers for transportation
And through the expanding and developing our logistics services between the UAE and Tanzania, whether through air freight or sea freight, Al Fares Cargo managed to conduct a direct route that is considered the fastest between most air freight companies in response to our customer requirements. We have gradually developed this specialized market and strengthened its position for us to become a strong and steady operator in the shipping industry between Dubai and African countries. We always set before our eyes that dedication, devotion and the vision in establishing this duty provides a distinguished service to traders, importers, investment companies, import and export companies and individuals, which provides a vital and flexible transport and air freight to Dar es Salaam. The company is committed to providing fast and effective cargo handling services to our customers, and this is supported by the Al-Fares Cargo team of the sales crew, the receiving team and the handling team. They are all ready to manage and handle shipments until arrival to Dar es Salaam port. Our prices are competitive and flexible to suit the market’s needs, as well as our special promotions depending on the type and size of the shipment. we are constantly striving to improve the efficiency and productivity of our shipping services from Dubai to Tanzania to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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