Shipping from Dubai to Malawi

Malawi is a country located in southeastern Africa, bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the north and east, and Mozambique to the south and southwest, and is considered one of the inland countries in the region. As it does not overlook the sea and is adjacent to Lake Malawi, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and one of its most prominent features, it is a great lake famous for the beauty of its picturesque natural scenery and the diversity of its wildlife.

In addition, Malawi is considered one of the adventurous travel countries, where activities such as traditional boating, camping, fishing, and mountain climbing can be practiced in the mountains of Malawi. This makes it one of the countries that many people travel to from Dubai for enjoyment and trade.

Malawi's imports from Dubai cover a wide range of products, often including industrial equipment and machinery, chemicals, and electronic products. Trade between Dubai and Malawi is also improved through the large Dubai seaport, which is a vital hub for international shipping and trade.

Sea freight from Dubai to Malawi

Before you begin the sea shipping process, you must ensure that the required shipping documents are prepared, in addition to proper packaging of the shipments to ensure their safety during transportation. You may also need to use entire containers or part of a shared container.

The cost of sea shipping depends on several factors such as the type of shipment, quantity, weight, and size. The cost can also include insurance and any additional services you desire.

After arranging the shipment details and confirming the shipping agreement, the goods will be received from the supplier’s warehouse or location in Dubai and transported to Al Fares warehouse or directly to Jebel Ali Port.

Air freight from Dubai to Malawi

Air shipping from Dubai to Malawi takes place through several stages. First, shipments are received, consolidated, and packed at Al Fares warehouse and then sent to Dubai International Airport (DXB). This airport is considered one of the largest airports in the world and has a developed infrastructure and a large capacity to accommodate air freight.

After shipments arrive at Dubai International Airport, they are unloaded, inspected, and prepared for shipment to Malawi.

Secondly, the cargo is shipped on the flight from Dubai International Airport to Lilongwe International Airport located in the capital city, Lilongwe.

Once shipments arrive in Malawi, they are unloaded, inspected and customs cleared in accordance with established procedures.

The most important cities in Malawi

  • Lilongwe: It is the capital of Malawi and the largest city in the country. It is an important economic and administrative centre, with many governmental and commercial institutions located there.
  • Blantyre: It is the second largest city in Malawi. It constitutes an industrial and commercial centre and includes many leading companies and institutions.
  • Zomba: It was the former capital of Malawi before the capital was moved to Lilongwe. It is a cultural and educational centre, as the University of Malawi is in this city.
  • Mzuzu: It is in northern Malawi and is one of the largest cities in this region. It is also a commercial centre and has strategic importance due to its location close to the border with Tanzania.
  • Machinga: It is located on the border with Zambia and is an important centre for border trade. There is significant commercial activity and trade exchange between Malawi and Zambia.

These cities represent vital centres in Malawi's economic and social structure, playing an important role in trade, education, culture, and economic development.

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