Shipping from Dubai to Nigeria

For many years, our goal at Al Fares Cargo Services has been to reach our customer’s goals such of outstanding services, speed and competitive prices because the trust of our customers is our success, and knowledge about pursuing success, quality and value of time is our motto.

Al Fares Cargo Services is your choice to meet your shipping requirements from Dubai and the UAE to Nigeria. Being one of the shipping companies in Dubai and the UAE specializing in logistic work, we have provided an excellent services in sea and air freight to Nigeria, where we handle all the tasks and always assure to proceed with an organized and specific plan to ensure the arrival of goods and consignments to the destinations required on time, as well as finalizing the shipping process according to the best standards and with competitive prices. We will provide you with comprehensive package of services that includes inspection of goods to ensure their safety, speed and facilitation in completing all the procedures required, as well as providing insurance services for goods and shipments. All our services follow the quality standards consistent with the conditions of shipping.

At Al Fares Cargo Services, we always seek to expand our services to include shipping and pick up from all cities in the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and other areas to deliver it to you in Nigeria, whether through sea freight to the port of Ababa or air freight to Lagos airport.

Sea Freight Services from the UAE to Nigeria:

Al Fares Cargo Services provides sea freight solutions from Dubai to Nigeria through an excellent service in this field, as well as the ability to manage sea freight and handling all shipments with great care and attention.

Al Fares cargo offers sea freight service to the port of Ababa, Nigeria, which meets your requirements and standards, as our professional specialized team has the ability to handle all shipments, whether commercial, personal or car shipping to Nigeria, all with high level of professionalism through our business relationships with the international shipping lines that will ship your good to Nigeria in the fastest duration possible.

Our company offers sea freight shipping for goods from the UAE to Nigeria through both options:

1- FCL (Full container Load)

2- LCL (Less than container Load)

In addition to providing car shipping services to Nigeria, in full containers or though RORO services. All shipping documents and procedures required will be taken care of to ensure you an easy moving process. We will also provide shipping containers of various sizes and types to suit the size, type and nature of your cargo, in addition to having the option of choosing a specially equipped vehicle to transport your goods to the shipping port.

There is no need to worry about your shipments to Lagos and Nigeria, as our dedicated team will take care of your delivery wherever you are, and we are ready to transport the goods in the most efficient way and at the best prices.

Air Freight Services from Dubai to Nigeria:

Air freight services at al Fares International Cargo Services is offered through various airlines and trips, to suit your shipping requirements in the lowest duration possible, regardless of the sizes, weights and volumes, whether the shipments are personal or commercial, which will suit all your logistics needs.

With integrated air cargo services from Dubai to Nigeria, we provide full documentation, insurance and customs clearance services to ensure efficient and cost-effective supply chain and transportation while ensuring safe delivery.

We have a team in Dubai specialized in air cargo operations and fully aware of all customs clearance procedures for shipments issued, and continuously working to provide regular flights from Dubai Airport to Lagos Airport to suit your business and shipping requirements to Nigeria.

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