Shipping from Dubai to the Netherlands

In a rapidly developing world, individuals and companies need to service freight internationally from Dubai and the UAE to the Netherlands and Europe faster than ever before through good services at reasonable and competitive prices, and this is the reason that air and sea freight services have become increasingly important to transport all shipments of individuals, companies, and shipments. Urgent and time sensitive. Al-Fares is distinguished by the speed of shipping procedures and facilitating them for you by providing an operations team of specialists who finish and clear all procedures and permits required for air and sea freight operations from Dubai to the Netherlands with a guarantee of speedy access, including our services transporting all shipments, commercial goods, personal belongings, home furniture, and Extra weight and cars, so Al Fares Cargo Services is your right choice to meet all your requirements in the shipping process.

Airfreight from the UAE to the Netherlands

Al Fares offers air freight services the fastest, safest, and most flexible way to transport parcels, goods, and excess weight via air freight from Dubai and the UAE to the Netherlands by providing logistical solutions that meet your requirements through many international airlines. We have experience in dealing with all shipments by providing a team that specializes in air freight operations and is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures for shipments and handling them. Our goal is to provide daily flights from Dubai airports to Amsterdam and major airports in the Netherlands and to provide door-to-door or door-to-airport cargo services, including our services to most cities in the Netherlands. In this, we guarantee a safe and efficient transportation process and the provision of an integrated service package that includes inspecting parcels before shipment, ensuring their safety, and packing them in a controlled manner that ensures their safe arrival.

The most important advantages we have in shipping from the UAE to the Netherlands

  • Providing containers of different sizes and types, 20 feet & 40 feet, that suit the size and nature of all shipments and cars.
  • Providing partial LCL freight services to suit your small and medium-size shipments.
  • Providing professional services for car shipping from Dubai to the Netherlands via the port of Rotterdam.

Sea freight for home furniture and personal items with professional service for packing.

  • Facilitating shipping and export operations and finalizing all necessary permits at the ports of Jebel Ali and Rotterdam.
  • Dealing with international shipping lines that are characterized by specific and regular weekly shipping lines with competitive prices.
  • A wide network of shipping agents covering customs receiving and clearance services in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • Sea freight service from the Netherlands to the UAE.
  • Providing insurance service for shipments against shipping risks.

For more information about shipping from Dubai to Amsterdam and the Netherlands, contact us or send an email through our website, we will respond to all requests for shipping rates from Dubai to the Netherlands within a short time.

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