Shipping from Dubai to Togo

Although Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa, its location is vital to the economy of many of its neighboring countries. Lome is the capital and main port of the Togolese state in West Africa.

Lome is strategically located between Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin, and serves as a major transit point for international shipping to those areas. Al Fares Cargo Services provides freight services and car shipping services from Dubai to Togo through regular trips through Lomé port, and Al Fares also provides express air freight services at competitive prices from Dubai to Lome Airport.

Al Fares also provides a set of logistical services to our clients in Togo, including providing various and flexible freight solutions and achieving the necessary communication for companies and individuals between Dubai and Togo.

Air cargo from Dubai to Togo:

Al Fares provides air freight services to Lome Airport by selecting the appropriate airlines and flights to transport the cargo in the shortest time possible regardless of their sizes and weights, whether the shipments are personal or commercial, to meet all the customers ’logistical needs.

We have in Al Fares a specializes team in air cargo operations and is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures for outgoing shipments and deal with them and always work to provide regular flight times from Dubai Airport to Lomé Airport that suits your business and your requirements in shipping to Togo.

Sea cargo from Dubai to Togo:

The port of Lome contains many important development projects to be implemented soon, with the establishment of a rail network between Lome and the African coast in order to connect it with neighboring countries in Africa. The port of Lome also serves Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali.

This coincided with the rise of the car shipping service and external containers to Togo, which prompted the Lome Port Authority to rapidly improve the port’s infrastructure with the introduction of the latest equipment to increase the freight capacity and deal in an advanced manner with international freight services.

Al Fares provides sea freight service to Togo via Lome port that meets the customers ’requirements and meets international quality standards. The professional Al Fares team and its specialized expertise in managing sea cargo operations have the full ability to deal with all shipments, whether commercial or personal or car shipping to Togo with professionalism High through our distinguished contracts with international shipping lines that provide services to Togo.

We at Al Fares Cargo Services, as one of the shipping companies to Africa, are always striving to expand our shipping services from Dubai and the UAE to Togo, through integrated freight services.

For any inquiries about how to ship from Dubai to Togo, do not hesitate to contact us through our website or through our customer service, we will respond to all requests for international shipping rates to Togo within hours.

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