Shipping from Dubai to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is certainly one of the richest countries in the Central Asian region, with major exports of gold and cotton. It is the fifth largest exporter of cotton in the world and in the list of the world's top 10 gold producers. Uzbekistan's foreign trade policy depends on imported goods.

And since Dubai is considered a global trade centre in the Gulf region and the Middle East, therefore, trade exchange deals are made between Dubai and Uzbekistan, in addition to personal transportation between the two countries, which requires the transportation of luggage, personal items, and cars from Dubai to Uzbekistan.

If you have a shipment that you would like to send by air freight from Dubai to Uzbekistan, Al Fares Cargo Services is able to provide you with that service, so do not hesitate to contact our team at Al Fares to inquire and request service.

Air freight from Dubai to Uzbekistan

Air freight is characterized by its speed in transporting shipments and good insurance for them, and Al-Fares has sought to achieve the competitive price equation in front of providing a distinguished and safe air freight service to Uzbekistan and the capital, Tashkent, in particular.

The method of shipping from the door to the airport is the main method in air freight, where a team from Al-Fares receives the shipment from the customer’s door in the UAE, and then the shipment is prepared, wrapped and transported to Dubai Airport, Sharjah Airport or Abu Dhabi after completing all customs procedures related to Exporting the shipment, until the air freight journey begins and reaches one of the airports in Uzbekistan such as Tashkent Airport, Fergana Airport, Namangan Airport, so that the recipient begins the procedures for receiving and customs clearance.

It is important, when submitting a request to send a shipment from Dubai to Uzbekistan, to specify the place of receipt and the delivery location clearly, and the weight and dimensions of the shipment, length, width, height, and what the shipment contains, to accurately determine the shipping price while providing the necessary advice to complete the process of shipping from Dubai.

Our advantages when shipping from Dubai to Uzbekistan:

  • The diversity of our dealings with international airlines flying to Uzbekistan makes us able to send shipments at any time throughout the week.
  • Al-Fares has technicians specialized in the processing and packaging of shipments, ensuring that they are preserved from any damage until they reach their destination.
  • Providing advice to customers and providing all logistical solutions and customs procedures.
  • The possibility of electronic request for the service through our electronic and marketing channels.
  • The ability to manage and transport large shipments by air via large cargo planes.

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