Shipping from Kuwait to the UAE

Due to commercial and tourism transactions, recreational and study visits, and family visits between Kuwait and the Emirates, many people seek to search for the best ways to ship their goods, personal belongings, and cars from Kuwait in all its cities to the Emirates. Land freight and we will review each method separately.

Land freight from Kuwait to the UAE

Land shipping for all types of shipments of goods, luggage, and cars. Shipping and land transport operations require about six days until the shipment arrives from Kuwait to its destination within the cities of the Emirates.

Sea freight from Kuwait to the UAE

Sea freight is carried out from all cities in the State of Kuwait to the United Arab Emirates, through shipping containers through the port of Shuwaikh, to set out on its journey to Jebel Ali Port in the Emirate of Dubai, over a period estimated at about four days.

Airfreight from Kuwait to the UAE

Where the shipment is received from the customer’s door in the State of Kuwait, and transported to Kuwait International Airport, where it is processed, packaged, and shipped on planes to Dubai International Airport to start customs clearance procedures in Dubai.

Our advantages in shipping from Kuwait to the UAE

  •  Al Fares provides a fast and safe transportation service through various shipping methods, through its dealings with international shipping companies as well as effective airlines, which facilitates and speeds up shipping operations, and makes it able to complete them at any time.
  • All logistical solutions are provided; customs procedures are completed, and fees are paid without any effort on the customer.
  •  Al-Fares has a multi-size land fleet of different tankers, which facilitates shipping and land transport operations for all types of shipments.
  •  A specialized service in shipping cars from Kuwait via a private flatbed truck or through collective carriers.
  •  Our competitive prices, within the high quality of services.

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