Duties of a customs broker in Dubai

If anyone wants to import certain types of goods, products, or cars from outside the country, whether from a nearby or far country or otherwise wants to export any of the locally available products and merchandise outside the UAE, he needs to do the special procedures Customs clearance of these goods or vehicles, whether he intends to export or import them.

In this case, he has one of two options, either to complete the procedures for customs clearance himself, which is not easy, as he issues the necessary documents and submits them to customs in addition to doing all other customs procedures such as paying fees, taxes, etc., or he deals with A customs broker who has the knowledge and awareness of all customs procedures and matters, and he undertakes this process in his place. The customs broker may be in the form of a customs clearance agency, or a company specialized in this regard that carries out the work of customs clearance in Dubai instead of the company or the same person.

What does customs clearance mean?

Customs clearance is one of the main tasks in the field of international trade, whether import or export operations, which cannot be dispensed with in any way, where the documentary procedures are carried out by the customs broker with the aim of facilitating the entry or exit of goods, products, and luggage Through the customs ports to and from the country, where the customs broker works to finish these procedures with the authorization of the owner of the goods, luggage or the car.

Customs broker duties

The customs broker is the person or entity who is well acquainted and familiar with all the laws that regulate import and export operations, and he is also able to deal with them easily and flexibly and works to complete all customs matters related to import or export operations, as he is the link between the importer Or the source and between government agencies the responsibility, so it is entrusted with a number of tasks that it performs, which we mention as follows:
  •  It works to extract the papers and documents required to complete the customs clearance process, such as import certificates as well as financial statements, quality certificates, invoices, packing statements, certificate of origin, as well as the bill of lading according to the laws in the Emirate of Dubai.
  •  The customs broker assists in obtaining all health approvals that pertain to food, agricultural and cosmetic products, the import of which requires approvals from health authorities in Dubai.
  •  He submits the customs declaration information on the electronic customs system and pays all customs duties and taxes related to products, goods, or cars that are imported or exported.
  • It performs the customs code or the import code for companies and people who do not have a customs code, and performs all shipping, transport, and storage services for various goods, products, and luggage.
  •  The customs broker makes the attachment for the customs inspection process on the goods and products in the various customs departments within the Emirate of Dubai.
  • A request shall be submitted to appeal any decision or suggestion that may be issued by the Customs Department in which it is not compatible with the interests or needs of customers.
  •  It works to provide justifications for the documents that are lost or the differences that may occur in the documents submitted to the customs office, to eliminate any difference in information, which facilitates and speeds up the customs procedures.
  • He may submit a request to extend the period of temporary entry of goods for another additional period, according to the controls and conditions that are enforced in the customs office.
  •  Provides approvals and permits that were previously obtained in the country of import, for some special materials.

Important tips when using a customs broker

If you are thinking of hiring a customs broker or customs clearance company, here are some tips that you should follow when choosing the right customs broker for you and your business:
  •  He must have previous experience in the type or quality of the products you are importing or exporting, for example, if you are importing agricultural products, it is better to choose someone who has experience importing or dealing with this type of product before.
  •  If your dealings will be with a customs clearance company in Dubai, you must verify that it is registered with the official departments and authorities, and it is also necessary to ensure that it is officially recognized as an entity specialized in customs clearance.
  • Verify that the customs broker you will deal with him can deal with the quantity, size, and quality of the products that you will import or export.
  •  Clarify all the points and details between you and the customs clearance agency in a documented manner, which will be a formal agreement, which you can rely on in the event of any problems.

Advantages of dealing with Al Fares in customs clearance operations

  •  The company has a group of professional employees who have full experience and knowledge of all legal and customs details related to customs clearance operations.
  •  The company provides all services and facilities, starting from the moment the shipment is loaded until it reaches the specified destination or the customer’s warehouse.
  • Speed ​​in delivery and diligence in dealing, preserving shipments from damage and loss, and securing them well.
  •  Al-Fares, through its extensive experience in the field of customs clearance, can provide innovative solutions that meet the customer's needs at the best costs.
  • Providing useful advice regarding import, export, sea, and air transit operations in the free zones.

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