Shipping from Switzerland to the UAE

Shipping from Switzerland to the UAE

Commercial transactions between Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates have become at their height in the current periods, and there is a demand for tourism in the Emirates because of its many advantages, where sunny weather, modern cities, wonderful beach resorts and recreational places, which It makes many people in Switzerland seek to move to the Emirates, whether for tourism, work, or trade.

If you are looking for a shipping company to provide you with shipping services for goods, purchases, and personal belongings from Switzerland to the UAE, Al Fares Cargo Services can be trusted in order to transport what you want from Switzerland to the UAE, where Al Fares Cargo offers you many advantages, facilities, and logistic services for your convenience, easily and safely.

There are many ways and means of shipping from Switzerland to the UAE, where our customers can transport their shipments, via sea freight or air freight.

1- Air freight from Switzerland to Dubai:

Al Fares Air Cargo provides its services from the various airports of Switzerland, Geneva, Zurich, Bern, and others, all the way to Dubai airports or Abu Dhabi airports.

The service is available from door to door, door to airport, or airport to airport.

2- Sea freight from Switzerland to the UAE:

But if your choice is sea freight, Al Fares Shipping Services offers its customers the possibility of sea freight from Italian ports, until the shipments reach the port of Jal Ali to start customs clearance and from there to the customer’s door, whether through full containers FCL or through partial shipment LCL

How can Al Fares help you with shipping from Switzerland?

Al Fares has a wide network of relationships that can help you complete the shipping process from Switzerland quickly and easily, all in the best way that suits the size and weight of shipments and the time plan for their arrival at competitive prices.

You can also easily complete this through the Al Fares website, or through customer service. All you must do is fill in the shipment data and send it to us so that we will respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Our advantages in shipping from Switzerland to the UAE

  • Developing competitive shipping solutions, providing the best services, and speeding up actions.
  • The service of receiving goods from companies, arranging them, loading them in an accurate and orderly manner, and insuring them in containers.
  • Finishing the procedures and permits necessary to facilitate the passage of containers at Jebel Ali Port and customs clearance of them.
  • Providing refrigerated containers for shipping foodstuffs and medical materials that need a certain degree of cooling during shipment.
  • Follow-up of shipments until they reach their destination and shipment according to quality, safety, and security standards.
  • Providing different shipping options to free zones in the UAE gives flexibility in shipping from Switzerland.

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