Shipping from the Yiwu Dubai market

Shipping from the Yiwu Dubai market

Yiwu market is one of the modern concepts in marketing, as it is the first free zone in the Middle East that specializes in both the retail and wholesale sectors. The market was established through a partnership between "DB World" and "China Commodities City", which had previous experience in Establishing the largest wholesale market in the world within China. Yiwu Market has been set up for small consumer goods with an area of ​​more than six million square meters and is visited by nearly 210,000 visitors daily.

Yiwu Dubai Market Location:

The Yiwu market in Dubai is located near the exhibition city in Dubai and only a 15-minute drive from Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port, which is one of the most important ports in the Middle East. Supply after the coronavirus pandemic.

The total investment of the project is estimated at about 1.06 billion yuan, and the "Yiwu market" in Dubai covers about 208,000 square meters; Including a building area that extends over 160,000 square meters, divided between 324 warehouses subject to customs duties, and 1,600 showrooms, spread over two floors, including two sections built specifically to serve merchants, each extending about 950 meters. The market consists of five main entrances, five lobbies, and three Corridors, displaying tools, household appliances, mattresses, and other goods, along with a logistics area.

Yiwu Dubai Market Segments:

The showrooms of Yiwu Dubai Market are spread over two floors within specific sections that include:
  • Electronics and electrical appliances
  • Furniture and lighting
  • makeup
  • Accessories
  • Tools and equipment (including auto parts)
  • Kitchen and bathroom supplies
  • Upholstery
  • Curtains
  • Clothing

Reasons for building the Yiwu Dubai market:

  • Yiwu Market will serve as a trade bridge between the UAE and other markets around the world. The market will become a regional warehouse for the products of various Chinese companies, thanks to its hosting of the facilities of international brands. Perhaps this will ensure the stability of meeting the demand for these products in the event of disruptions in the supply chain.
  • The first 27 months, tenants will not be required to pay an administration fee, as lower logistics costs due to location will lead to lower exhibition prices for consumers.
  • Yiwu Market provides its customers with a free zone and double value business environment at the same time. It allows goods to be transported directly from the airport or quayside to storage areas and avoids paying any additional customs duties. A special international logistics line will also be established between "Yiwu Market" in Dubai and "Yiwu Market" in China to enhance price competitiveness. This is in addition to reducing costs and facilitating the distribution process across the region.
  • The free zone market allows foreign investors to fully own their projects and return the capital and profits in full to the UAE, and there are no customs tariffs on re-exporting products.

Market features:

  • Yiwu market was distinguished by the presence of a special area called “Yiwu Connect” that allows cross-border communication and exchange of information between merchants in Dubai and factories in China, and therefore they will not have to use a middleman or travel to China.
  • Yiwu market allows traders to inspect goods and ensure their quality before importing them to the Yiwu market in Dubai to ensure quality considering the turmoil in global supply chains.
  • The market provides the necessary capabilities to store, sell, import, and export goods as easily as possible in one place and without additional fees.
  • The market includes 324 warehouses spread over two floors, directly behind the showrooms, which ensures the ease of supplying the halls with products and avoids the negative effects on the sales movement that may be caused by the lack of stock.
  • Yiwu Market will give traders and companies from all over the world access to wholesale discounts. It will also allow them to take advantage of Dubai's central location, reducing lead times and supply chain costs.
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