Shipping from Vietnam to the UAE

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It has a tropical climate, extends to the south of China, and is surrounded on the western side by both the countries of Laos and Cambodia.

View of the great development in relations between the UAE and Vietnam, and the growth of trade and tourism exchange, it helped the movement of many people from Vietnam to various places within the United Arab Emirates, including companies looking for opportunities for trade and tourism cooperation, as well as individuals looking for better job opportunities, or who moved from in order to enjoy tourism among the many tourist areas in the Emirates

From Vietnam to the UAE, shipping methods vary, whether shipping by sea or air freight, so we had to clarify these methods:

Shipping options from Vietnam to Dubai and the UAE

Shipping methods vary from Vietnam to Dubai and the UAE, where individuals or companies can transport their shipments, by sea freight or air freight.


Sea freight from Vietnam to Dubai and the UAE

The shipping process by sea from Vietnam to Jebel Ali Port takes approximately 16 days, as ships move loaded with containers from the many ports in Vietnam, such as Ba Ngui Port, Binh Duong Port, Cay Lan, Dai Hung, or Danang Port.

The sea freight methods vary according to the type of shipment and the quantity being shipped. The sea freight process takes place in one of three forms:

Full Container Load (FCL) FCL

In this method, the full space available in the container is used to transport the goods, and the FCL method uses different types of containers, such as 20 feet and 40 feet, to ship the goods.

If your load is enough to be loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container, then your full container will be reserved.

Less than a container load (partial freight) LCL

LCL (less than full container load) shipping method, is one of the most common ways of shipping goods, as it is cost-reducing, reliable and timely.

In this way, if the total volume of your shipment is less than about 15 cubic meters, you will share a container with other people, which saves you a lot of costs instead of booking a full container.

RORO shipping

This method is used when shipping cars by sea, where the car is placed directly on the deck of the ship and not inside a container, by driving it, and then delivering it directly to the port of arrival and then to the desired place.


Air freight from Vietnam to Dubai

Al Fares Air Cargo provides shipping services for all shipments from multiple airports in Vietnam, and others, where the planes loaded with cargo go to the Emirates, and the air freight method with the company is one of the safest and fastest shipping methods for the arrival of the shipment, as the shipment arrives in about 3 days.

Documents required when shipping from Vietnam to the UAE:

When shipping goods:

- Bill of Lading / Air Waybill

- Packing list

- Certificate of Origin 

- Commercial invoice / original copy

 When shipping cars:

- Original / Express Bill of Lading

- Original copy of Commercial Invoice / Purchase Invoice, the vehicle certificate or invoice must include details of the engine number, colour, year of production, origin, and others


All documents must be ready before the shipment arrives at the port in Dubai.

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