Some of Dubai’s World Exhibitions

In this article, we are going to highlight Dubai’s most prominent exhibitions in Dubai World Trade Center.

Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is one of the world's best commercial centers that brings great benefits to businesses, traders and consumers.

Given to previous years, DTWC has achieved high records financially.

And within the frame of work, the major trading exhibitions have grown significantly, reflecting the strength of Dubai's events sector.

Gulf Food Exhibition

Gulf food is an annual international exhibition for food and beverages

The exhibition offers a lot of facilitations in all sectors of the industry of food that provides supplements to the market, which is worth about $ 5 trillion

Over 120 Countries participating

If you are seeking to enter this world you should go immediately to Gulf Food Exhibition

The Big Five

One of the biggest exhibitions not just in Dubai, but all around the Middle East

The exhibition is very important for those who work in the construction sectors

The Big 5 Exhibition has about 137 participating countries and tens of thousands of visitors

Some of the Sectors and Brands you’ll find in The Big 5 are for: design and construction, maintenance of urban spaces and green spaces, sports stadiums and playgrounds for children

This year's exhibition focused on solar energy, and offered outstanding solutions using innovative technologies and services that makes renewable energy part of the region's energy and construction plans

This Exhibition is for: ventilation, heating and specialized air conditioning. It always brings together what is regional and international


If your business specializes in household products, this exhibition offers you a lot of facilities, but how?

If you want to showcase and sell your products to tens of thousands of consumers who are heavily targeted at a three-day World Trade Center, this exhibition would be the right place for you.

It helps you to release and advertise a new collection.

Is the most famous interior design exhibition in Dubai for the past 30 years.

It focuses on consumers that would see thousands of homeowners, residents, interior designers, and high-net worth individuals.

Don’t hesitate in participating in this exhibition if your business focuses on design, furniture, home improvement, maintenance, household appliances, kitchen, bathroom or internet portals.

INDEX Home has succeeded in becoming an ideal platform for your business to target end consumers with years of experience and experience.

INDEX Home has succeeded in becoming an ideal platform for your business to target end consumers with years and years of experience.

The exhibition focuses on eight sectors, and offers you dedicated segments to focus on the sectors your company specializes in.

Sectors INDEX Home focuses on:

Home furniture: furniture for bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, outdoor and furniture makers.

Household Items: Cookware, Glass-ware, Household perfumes, Utensils.

Home Improvement and Maintenance: Cleaning companies, home maintenance service providers, and landscape services.

Design: Architectural consultants, contractors, design courses, interior design consultants, space planning.

Kitchens and Bathrooms: bathroom, cabinets, sanitary ware, shower systems, tubs, water technology.

Upholstery: Art, accessories and decorations, curtains, carpets and rugs, lighting, soft furnishings and textiles, therefore, making it one of Dubai's most important trade fairs.


The most important trade shows in Dubai, filled with plastic material in all the products offered

Plastic is used in product stickers, interior designs, toys…

Plastic also is what a large proportion of fashion accessories made of

Many sectors now a day’s exploit plastics such as: medicine, construction, packaging and automotive

With the great technological development that we are currently experiencing, the plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industries have become very important

And of course, these materials are environmentally friendly, which made it a priority in many industries

In this exhibition, many presentations and systems are presented before and after operations, as well as raw materials, techniques, chemicals and additive

Exhibition and trade conference for security and safety

INTERSEC Exhibition offers more than 1,000 exhibitors to showcase the latest developments

These developments include trade security, health and safety, national security, information and personal security

It is one of the most important exhibitions in Dubai, witnessing many visitors from all over the world

This Exhibition provides practical workshops and knowledge conferences on trade security

This event is a gathering point between suppliers, business owners, professionals, investors and individuals

MEDLAB Exhibition

If you are looking for the latest laboratory technologies, you will find everything you want in this exhibition

Why is it considered one of the most important exhibitions in Dubai? Because it is an international event, specialized in laboratory management and diagnostics in DWTC

This Exhibition is the biggest around this world of this kind

Last year’s Exhibition was a huge success

It also includes several lectures from the CME

Aircraft Interiors Middle East

one of the most significant international platforms for all Airlines and aviation sectors

It is sufficient to allow direct communication and build a lot of connections during the organization of many events

Assisted in advising many recommendations for the growth of the internal parts of aircrafts

The conference also makes many recommendations to increase the profit rate in the Middle East by 30% in 2020 compared to the last decade

This particular event is held in conjunction with the maintenance, repair and operation conference, and it hosts several workshops.

Paper Arabia Exhibition

One of the most important exhibitions in this field of paper industry

The importance of this exhibition doesn’t only lie in the UAE, but the Middle east as a whole

Last December was the fifth launch for this exhibition

Its duration is for 3 days for those working in the industry

Of course, it is the best opportunity to meet with dealers’ traders, factories and exporters and to get to know the market in full

The Arabic paper industry starts from the writing papers and newspaper, to the grinding of paper and recycling it.

There are more of important international exhibitions and conferences held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offer important businesses and opportunities, and attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world, in which we will talk about later.

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