The role of land freight in the UAE, KSA & GCC considering the high cost and shortage of sea freight supplies

The Role Of Land Freight In The UAE, KSA & GCC Considering The High Cost And Shortage Of Sea Freight Supplies

The role of land freight in the UAE, KSA & GCC considering the high cost and shortage of sea freight supplies

No sooner had the shipping sector and its supplies started to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, which greatly affected this sector globally, and caused a rise in the costs of marine logistics services, as its cost jumped to increase more than 750% from their levels in the year before the Corona epidemic until it shocked the marine supply lines. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis faced by these lines worldwide, including, of course, in the Arab region and the Middle East, led to a severe shortage of shipping supplies.

Until recently, the cost of transportation and shipping was not included in the economists’ calculations of inflation and GDP, and companies tended to be more concerned about the provision of raw materials and labor costs than they were about transportation and shipping operations, but with the succession of those crises and the lack of sea freight supplies And the difficulty of securing reservations, all of this prompted companies to use land freight in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to meet the severe shortage of sea freight supplies.

Types of land freight

Road freight is one of the logistics solutions that allow the transportation of goods using the land infrastructure that connects countries in the region, using many means of transportation, which made it one of the most popular and diverse means of transportation to meet the needs of customers, and we will learn about the types of transportation methods Goods from one place to another are as follows:

Land transport by trucks “Trailers”: Trucks or trailers of all kinds are one of the old and safe types used in road transport to transport goods and materials from one place to another.

Heavy Land Transport (Lowbed): This type of land transport includes transporting cars, transporting machinery, huge projects, and large objects from one country to another.

Refrigerated land transport: Refrigerated container transport is one of the refrigerated shipping operations, and these operations are specific to transporting foodstuffs and medicines that need to be preserved during transport at a low temperature.

Land freight using trains: This type of road transport is characterized by its high safety rate, in addition to its speed and quality of transportation.

Land Transportation Features

Many of the advantages of land freight have greatly affected solving the transportation and shipping problems that companies face, especially with the shortage of sea freight supplies and the high international prices for it, and among those features are the following:

The possibility of transporting all goods and materials

 Due to the large capacity of land freight in transporting all types of goods between neighboring countries, thanks to the ability to adapt the truck trailer as necessary for any order in a way that makes it suitable for transporting different types of goods, although there are no restrictions on the ground service in transporting different types of goods Goods, however, it is necessary to take into account that they have limitations in terms of the size of the loads that can be transported, since the capacity of these means of transport is much less than other alternatives such as air transport or sea transport.

Low cost of land freight

The most important characteristic of land freight is that its financial costs are few if we compare these costs with the costs of other types of freight these days, and these costs depend on the type and size of trucks that are used in the shipping process.

Such as semi-trucks and quarter trucks that carry a load of no more than 4 or 5 tons, huge freight trailers are also available, and these trucks have a load capacity of 40 or 50 tons and more.

The arrival of land transport services to isolated areas

Transportation by road is the only means of transportation through which shipments can reach the most remote areas of the country, especially isolated areas.

The safest method

In contrast to both air transport and sea transport, road transport is safer when transporting sensitive and dangerous goods that can be quickly damaged due to frequent loading and handling on the way, as in road transport they are loaded into the means of transport and then transported directly to the desired location Without exposure to many unloading and handling.

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