Your Guide to Tourism and Living in Dubai

Dubai is considered as one of the most famous cities in the world where you can do many activities and enjoy visiting various places for entertainment, cultural and health purposes. The city has achieved great success in the recent years in various fields, especially in the field of Businesses, investments and tourism, not to mention the top rank as the safest city in the world. So, if you are planning for a trip, Dubai will certainly be your first choice. If you ever make the decision to travel or move to Dubai, this is your guide for living Dubai and exploring it.

Traveling to Dubai:

You can travel to Dubai through many airlines and different options of daily flights to Dubai and UAE airports. Of course, you can travel to Dubai by land, air or sea depending on your location. If you have the three choices, then your pick will depend on your budget. Be confident that whatever you choose will surly match your budget and give you unforgettable fun memories.

Touring around Dubai:

After you arrive in Dubai, you will of course be looking for a means of transportation to tour around the city and you have many options. There are taxis, metros, trams and buses, all of which will bring you to your destination in an easy and in no time. You can also buy the Nol card from metro stations or a bus stations, as it will enable you to use all these options in an easy way.

Suggestions for the most popular attractions for tourism in Dubai:

As we mentioned earlier, Dubai has many and many places to visit if you travel to Dubai for tourism, including entertainment, cultural, etc.. For example:

Burj Khalifa: If you mention Dubai, the first thing that will pop to your head is Burj Khalifa for sure, the tallest tower in the world with a length of about 828 meters. Having your favorite meal at a tremendous height between the clouds, and the whole city from above, will be the best experience in your life as you will feel rested and destressed.

Dubai Mall: One full day wouldn’t be enough for this place can spend a full day and it will not suffice. It is a huge entertainment center that boasts many wonderful options. Not only for shopping, but you can also enjoy restaurants, amusement parks, ice rink, dancing fountains, amazing fish aquamarines, not to mention the architectural and heritage arts. If you ever think about buying and shipping directly from Dubai, you have many shipping companies that will be available at your service at any time, especially Al-Fares Cargo Services.

Palm Jumeirah: it is an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, one of the largest industrial islands in the world. This island has many luxury hotels for a wonderful and unforgettable stay.

Al Fahidi District: If you are a fan of authenticity and history, you should visit Al Fahidi neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Dubai. You can tour the heritage and visit the mosque with guides upon your request.

IMG World: It is one of the largest amusement parks in the world. It has the latest and most wonderful games, and there are also special theme games that is made especially for small children, as well as many restaurants and shops.

City Walk: is a beautifully paved area for walking and hiking without cars, with a wide range of gathering spots, restaurants and shops on both ends.

Dubai Safari: You can also live the spirit of adventure, discover the world of nature, see different types of animals and experience the desert wildlife in Dubai.

Restaurants in Dubai: Of course, Dubai has the finest restaurants, and the most delicious food that you can try in a large and distinctive range of international cuisines.

Dubai Beachs: If you are tourist, you should visit the beaches of Dubai first thing, which is known for the clear water and soft sand. So, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your favorite meals on the beach, with the perfect weather ever, especially in winter, and you can practice your favorite sports.

Dubai has many international hospitals and health services, as well as an integrated medical city.

There are also some things that must be considered to have full knowledge about city, for example, customs and traditions: Dubai is an open and multicultural city, with more than 200 nationalities living in safety, harmony and respect with each other in Dubai.

Dubai is considered one of the most important destinations to most of the people around the world, for its economical and tourism entity. The city always strives to the number one in many segments and occupations. It continuously develops, combining tradition and modernity.

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