Car shipping from the UAE to Qatar

Car shipping from UAE to Qatar is one of the important services that customers want in recent years, whether for new or used cars for individuals or companies. It is best to be careful before purchasing or shipping any car to obtain sufficient information about its shipment and entry into Qatar, either through the Qatari customs website or through the car shipping companies and customs clearance, and ask about the specifications and conditions required to import cars into Qatar, as well as cases in which import or registration is prohibited Used and imported vehicles from outside the country and models allowed to be entered as well, in order to avoid running into problems and difficulties when shipping the car to Doha and to ensure that it conforms to the Qatari specifications and standards before completing the shipping process.

What are the conditions for importing cars to Qatar for individuals?

The State of Qatar allows individuals to import cars, provided that the car model does not exceed five years for small cars, light trucks, pickups, buses, and ten years for heavy transport trucks. It is calculated in descending order, except for the current year. Classic cars that are over 30 years old are also allowed to be imported. Before issuing the customs card, the vehicle must be in conformity with the Gulf specifications and standards, by presenting a certificate from the Standards and Metrology Authority and ensuring the validity of the documents and their conformity with the car’s chassis number. As for importing cars for students abroad, they are excluded from specifying models, within the limit of one car during their scholarship period. And if the car's age exceeds five years, a letter from the competent authority must be submitted stating proof of his scholarship for study abroad and a document stating the date of the car's ownership abroad. The documents that must be submitted to complete the procedures for exporting and shipping cars to Qatar, as they are a document proving the ownership of the vehicle or the export certificate issued by the Roads, Transport or Traffic Authority in addition to the national identity. As for residents of the State of Qatar, they have the right to import one private car every three years, and they are only entitled to sell it after three years from the date of import.

Cases in which it is forbidden to import cars into Qatar

It is forbidden to import cars that have been sunk, or that have suffered an accident, fire, coup, or damage to the structure, cars that were used as taxis or police cars, and cars bearing logos related to school transport or the like. It is also prohibited to import vehicles in the event of damage to the vehicle’s exterior structure unless This was at the port of arrival, and he would present a certificate from the competent authority proving that, and the modified vehicles are driven from right to left. It is also prohibited to import armored vehicles and transport vehicles for residents.

How we ship cars from the UAE to Qatar?

Car shipping from the UAE to Qatar via land freight

It is the easiest and fastest way, where the transport is by the special flatbed trucks (recovery), which are available in different types, some of which are ordinary exposed flatbed trucks and others are hydraulic Full Down that goes down to the ground level to suit sports and low cars, and the closed and fully covered flatbed trucks. These recovery surfaces are usually used to transport one car only. It is characterized by the speed in delivery, as the time required to ship the car to Qatar takes about two days or less, depending on the customs clearance process and crossing the borders. Car shipping companies in the UAE also provide shipping service through group car carriers and it is considered a type of surface specially made to transport cars collectively, as they transport between seven to eight cars, which saves shipping costs and expenses for the customer, but it takes a longer time to arrive.

Car shipping from Dubai to Qatar via sea freight

In this, dedicated containers of different sizes are used, 20 feet, accommodate one car, the container, and 40 feet, and can accommodate a larger number of cars, up to 3 or 4 according to their sizes, where the shipment is carried out from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Hamad Port in Qatar, after which the receipt and customs clearance of cars usually takes place. It takes 4-7 days to arrive. For more information about the services and prices of vehicle shipping from the UAE to Qatar, do not hesitate to contact us via customer service or through our website.

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