Shipping from Dubai to Guatemala

The Emirate of Dubai stands out as one of the most prominent global centres for trade and shipping, providing advanced infrastructure and high-quality facilities to serve the global shipping industry. One of the destinations that attracts the interest of companies and traders in the Middle East is the Republic of Guatemala in Central America. Guatemala is one of the largest economies in the region and enjoys a strategic location on the Pacific coast, making it an ideal destination for international trade and shipping.

In addition, Dubai provides a favourable business environment for companies and traders seeking to do business with Guatemala, as the emirate has open and encouraging economic policies and modern business infrastructure.

Sea shipping from Dubai to Guatemala

The sea shipping process from Dubai to Guatemala includes several steps and depends on the use of appropriate ships and ports:

1. Planning and arrangement:

The sea shipping process begins with planning and arranging. This includes determining the type of materials to be shipped, their quantity, and the ports of departure and destination.

2. Packaging:

Some items need proper packaging before sea shipment. This is done to protect these materials from damage during sea transportation. Durable packing materials suitable for the type of goods must be used.

3. Preparing documents:

Documents required for sea freight include the invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, and other documents that may be required by customs authorities and local legislation.

4. Booking and logistical planning:

Space must be reserved on the ship to transport goods, and this is done through Al Fares Shipping.

5. Customs clearance:

Sea shipping requires customs clearance procedures at both the port of departure and arrival and the shipper must prepare the necessary customs documents and pay the required duties and taxes.

6. Sea transportation:

Once the export procedures and customs clearance are completed, the containers are loaded onto the ship, to be transported by sea to Guatemala.

7. Arrival of shipments to Guatemala:

After the ship arrives at the destination port, unloading and customs clearance procedures are performed. Shipments are unloaded, and inspected, and customs clearance procedures are arranged.

Air freight from Dubai to Guatemala

The air freight process from Dubai to Guatemala involves the use of appropriate aircraft and airports. I will give you a detailed explanation of the air cargo process and the airports involved in both Dubai and Guatemala:

1. Receiving, arranging, and coordinating:

  • The process begins by contacting us at Al Fares Air Cargo Services, where the details of the shipment such as weight, dimensions, and content are determined.
  • The required documents are coordinated with the customer such as the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, and any other documents required for shipping and customs clearance.

2. Air freight:

  • The carrier company relies on available air freight methods, such as shipping on commercial flights or using dedicated cargo flights.
  • Shipments are packed securely and sent to the airport by international air freight standards and rules.

3. Receipt and customs clearance:

  • Cargoes are unloaded from the aircraft at the destination airport in Guatemala.
  • The customs clearance process begins when customs authorities verify documents, inspect shipments, and impose appropriate customs duties and taxes.

Services provided by Al Fares when shipping from Dubai to Guatemala

1. Logistical arrangement and coordination: The company coordinates and arranges all aspects of shipping, starting from receiving and collecting shipments from suppliers or the customer’s door in Dubai and arranging the necessary means of transportation and storage until the shipments arrive in Guatemala.

2. Air and sea transportation: Al Fares provides air and sea freight services to transport shipments by air and sea from Dubai to Guatemala. This service includes booking the shipment on the appropriate aircraft or ship.

3. Packaging and storage: Al Fares provides professional packaging services for shipments. Shipments are packed appropriately according to air or sea shipping requirements to protect against damage during transportation.

4. Storage and assembly of shipments: They are combined and assembled before shipping within a sea container or via air freight.

5. Insurance: Al Fares provides shipment insurance services to protect goods from damage or loss during transportation.

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