Shipping from Dubai to Italy

Shipping from Dubai to Italy

Italy is the sixth largest industrial country, where it is famous for industry and agriculture with wide and competitive advantages. It is also famous for companies in fashion, design, cars, manufacturing, as well as food. Trade between the UAE and Italy has reached its highest levels during the current era, where knowledge, resources, and technology are exchanged, so shipping has grown From Dubai to Italy and vice versa very quickly, Al Fares Cargo Services has been interested in being an effective component in the field of shipping between Dubai and Italy, as it has taken over the tasks of shipping and transporting goods, furniture, luggage, personal belongings, cars, and others from the Emirate of Dubai and the rest of the Emirates to most Italian cities By sea freight or air freight.

Sea freight from Dubai to Italy

Al Fares ships all types of shipments of goods, personal belongings, cars, and others from Dubai by sea freight to many Italian ports, we receive the shipment from the customer's door or from the port directly.

 Where the shipment is wrapped, prepared, and all customs procedures are completed, then the shipment is placed inside containers that are carried on ships from Jebel Ali Port to the various Italian ports, like the port of Rome, the port of Genoa, the port of Naples, the port of Bari and the port of Venice.

Where the shipment is delivered to its destination at the port if the shipment is from door to port or the shipment is from port to port, or the shipment is delivered to the door of the destination specified by the customer within Italian territory if the shipment is from door to door or the shipment is from port to door.

Air freight from Dubai to Italy

If you are looking for fast and safe air cargo from Dubai to Italy and vice versa at an affordable price, Al Fares Air Cargo is your right choice, we provide international cargo services smoothly, professionally, and at competitive prices.

Al Fares receives the shipment from the customer’s door and works on preparing and packaging it in a safe way, to be shipped via planes from Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports to any of the various Italian airports within Italian territory, based on the entity specified by the customer for the arrival of his shipment.

Cities covered by Al Fares in shipping from Dubai to Italy

Al Fares works on shipping and transporting all types of shipments (luggage, goods, cars, furniture, medical materials, foodstuffs, etc.), from Dubai to all Italian cities, whether (Verona, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Turin, Palermo Bari, Reggio Calabria, Milan, Naples...).

Our advantages in shipping from Dubai to Italy

  • Flexibility in transporting different shipments by sea freight at any time, which makes sea freight operations from the ports of the Emirates and Jebel Ali Port to most ports in Italy an easy, safe and fast process.
  • Providing containers of different sizes and types 20 feet & 40 feet suitable for the size and nature of all shipments and cars.
  • Providing LCL partial freight services that suit the volume of your small and medium shipments.
  • Providing professional services for shipping cars from Dubai to Italy through Jebel Ali Port.
  • Sea freight for home furniture and personal items with professional packaging service.
  • Facilitate shipping and export operations and terminate all necessary permits in Jebel Ali and Italian ports.
  • A wide network of sea freight agents covering receiving and customs clearance services in Italy.
  • Providing air freight and sea freight service from Italy to the UAE.
  • Providing cargo insurance service against shipping risks.
For more information about shipping services from the UAE and Dubai to Italy, contact us via customer service or send an email through our website, we will respond to all requests for shipping rates from Dubai to Italy within a short time.

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