Shipping from Dubai to Singapore

Al Fares provides cargo services as one of the shipping companies from Dubai to Singapore Integrated shipping services to Singapore, where we are always working to make our services accessible to all, in terms of fast service, safe delivery, competitive prices, and quality, we put the safety of your shipments and their arrival within the specified time in our highest interest in Al Fares.

This is supported by our close dealings with airlines and international shipping lines with providing the best options available in shipping that are appropriate to the size and quantity of shipments and the specific time plan for their arrival.

Al Fares Cargo provides also shipping goods and materials of all kinds in addition to a personal shipping service for bags and personal luggage and excess weight via air freight from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to Singapore Airport. We also provide a service for shipping small parcels weighing no more than 30 kilograms to all regions in Singapore, Besides that we also provide commercial shipping services in addition to marine shipping services for many items as well as car shipping service.

We at Al Fares Cargo Services strive to fulfill the logistical requirements and desires of the customers from the UAE to the Republic of Singapore by providing warehouses and vehicles for transporting and receiving shipments from all cities in the Emirates and ending all procedures required for shipping which makes the shipping process easy, safe and fast, and we are keen on providing a competitive cost and offering an integrated and advanced shipping system.

Shipping from Singapore to Dubai and UAE

Singapore is one of the economically important Asian and global cities, being the largest port in Southeast Asia, and one of the largest commercial centers in the world, aided by its strategic location overlooking the strait between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, in addition to that, Singapore city is the main shipping point in Southeast Asia, through which many products and goods are exported and imported, and the city also includes a large number of factories.

Al Fares provides freight service from all regions in Singapore to Dubai and the cities of the United Arab Emirates, and as part of our comprehensive program to provide and support freight services from Singapore and the countries of Asia, we dedicated a link service between all cities in the Emirates, the Gulf, the Middle East, and North Africa with Singapore and other countries Asia, we at Al-Fares provide connections with the most important shipping lines, international airlines, and railways.

A specialized team working in the field of air and sea freight assists in that experience and expertise in dealing with various types of shipments to provide the correct service and necessary assistance to customers in transporting shipments wherever they are and to all destinations, whether in Asia, Africa or Europe.

We always strive in our global logistics services to provide the best of solutions for freight forwarding, customs clearance and all that it completes in packaging and warehousing operations, preparing documents necessary for shipping and exporting and providing insurance services for shipments, all within the framework of competitive cost.

advantages of shipping from Dubai to Singapore with Al Fares Cargo:

  • Door to port or door to airport services from Dubai to Singapore
  • Providing a cargo consolidating service by sea freight from Dubai and UAE to Singapore and vice versa.
  • Providing fast air cargo solutions and transit services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Singapore and vice versa.
  • Personal effects and excess weight cargo service from door to airport in Singapore or from door to door via air freight.
  • Providing competitive price quotes for full container shipping services of all sizes for all types of goods and materials in addition to refrigerated containers as well.
  • Providing car shipping service from Dubai and the UAE to Singapore and Asia cities, whether personally or commercially, through sea cargo from Dubai ports.
  • The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete shipping and customs procedures in Singapore.
  • Speed in the completion of shipping operations in order to achieve customer requirements.
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