Shipping from Dubai to Thailand


Shipping from Dubai to Thailand:

Considering Dubai as an important international trade center in the Gulf region and Middle east, al Fares Cargo as a freight forwarding company in Dubai provides the best shipping solutions for good, cars and different items across the seas through Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah Port to Thailand, as we provide the utmost flexibility in transportation and shipping, keeping the costs and expenses at a reasonable range to suit your budgets and preferences, whether you will ship through LCL or FCL.

Advantages of Sea Freight Shipping from Dubai to Thailand:

  • Providing containers of various sizes and types to suit the volume and type of your shipment
  • The eligibility to use Al Fares Cargo warehouses by it’s clients to facilitate assembling the shipments, re-ship, re-arrange or pack as per needed
  • Effective expertise in managing Sea Freight operations for shipments coming from Thailand
  • Facilitation for the shipping procedures and re-exporting to Thailand and Asian Countries via free zones in the UAE
  • Continues development for sea freight operations to Thailand and Asian Countries
  • Provision of car shipping services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Thailand
  • Finalizing all documents, mandatories and approvals required for sea freight to Thailand for all goods, furniture and cars
  • AL Fares Cargo company provides stuffing and packaging services with the utmost professionalism and perfection, using high end quality materials to ensure safe arrival for the shipments exported to Thailand
  • Choosing carefully the appropriate shipping line in Thailand ports, as well as competitiveness in duration and cost, until delivery to the required destination

Air Cargo from Dubai to Thailand:

  • Providing door-to-port, door-to-airport and door-to-door shipping solutions, with a very reasonable price for any option.
  • Daily flight options to Thailand to fulfill your wishes.
  • Effective expertise in air freight procedures to Thailand, as well as air transit procedures.
  • Finalizing all required documents for approvals and customs clearance in Dubai.
  • Choosing the most effective airline in Thailand, keeping in mind the suitable duration for arrival and the quality of services.
  • Provision of insurance service on air freight shipments headed to Thailand as per our client’s request.




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