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Al Fares Cargo offers shipping services from Italy to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as well as excellent services in the field of global and international shipping from Europe in general to the UAE. To meet your needs and desires, we have been able to link and connect Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, Genoa, San Marino, Naples, Bari, Catania ...) and other European cities by assembling your shipments whether it’s commercial or personal in our warehouses and delivering them to your destination wherever you are in the UAE, Gulf States, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and other countries.

This is done by a specialized team to terminate all customs procedures in both countries (Italy and the UAE), thus giving flexibility in the shipping process. So, do not worry about the delivery of your goods or purchases as we have the ability to handle the shipments of all kinds of goods and materials from factories and Italian companies such as building materials, lighting, furniture, decorations, ceramics, spare parts and other electrical tools regardless of size and quantity, through our fast service in air and sea freight to the UAE airports and ports, with the provision of customs clearance services until delivered to our customers warehouses in Dubai and the UAE.

Al Fares Cargo Services and Clearance is a leading provider of transportation, shipping and distribution solutions in Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf to meet all your logistics needs. Our company has extensive experience in importing goods from Italy, Germany and Switzerland, and we facilitate the process of international trade between all Italian cities and the United Arab Emirates through a series of local partners and agents.

We guarantee to perform the shipping and importing process from Italy and Europe as efficiently and effectively as possible, in addition to the rapidity in delivery and clearance of the incoming shipments and delivering them to you, as well as providing the consultation requested to satisfy your needs.

Al Fares Cargo is fully prepared to offer competitive cargo offers and provide a program for assembling shipments with air and sea freight from all Italian and European ports, which suits the needs of your business through a full logistics services portfolio. We also provide an effective preparation for documents required for customs clearance and a comprehensive arrangement for insurance of goods and shipments.

In this regard, we offer you an express air freight services which is considered fast compared to other shipping routes, which can be used in cases of urgent shipping or when transporting perishable goods, we can deal professionally with all types of dangerous or breakable goods that need special handling and packaging.

Al Fares Cargo will be your right choice in shipping from Italy to Dubai, UAE and the Middle East.

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