Shipping services from UAE to Libya

Al  Fares cargo offers cargo services from the UAE to Libya through regular and direct weekly flights from Dubai to the main ports in Libya (Benghazi,Tripoli, Misurata, Al-Khamis) through a regular schedule, as well as providing the best air freight services at competitive prices and punctuality to all Libyan airports.

We also offer a range of the best logistics services to our clients in Libya, including import and export services, customs clearance of goods, high-level shipping solutions and to achieve the necessary communication for companies and individuals throughout Libya.

Services provided by Al-Fares Cargo for shipping from Dubai to Libya

At Al Fares Cargo Services, we strive to achieve the satisfaction of our customers through providing professional services that meet their logistics needs, and paying attention to the details of shipping from the UAE to Libya whether by air or sea freight, by working on:
  • Sea freight services for vehicles in full containers or by assembling multiple vehicles and providing car shipping solutions to Libya with a regular weekly schedule.
  • Processing and completing all documents and customs documents required for shipping and exporting from Dubai to Libya.
  • Providing customers with all the necessary information through our extensive experience in shipping commercial goods, industrial and raw materials in all their weights and sizes and machinery from Dubai to Benghazi and other Libyan cities.
  • Receiving shipments and goods from the supplier or factories and assembling them at Al Fares cargo Warehouses.
  • Inspection of shipments (upon customers request) to ensure their safety and conformity to specifications, where specialists examine the products before re-packaging to ensure that they are free from any problems in manufacturing, breakage or damage and that they match the customer's order, as well as sustainability for the shipment.
  • Re-packaging all goods and consignments in order to ensure the safety of shipments until they reach the destination required in Libya.
  • Insurance service for all shipments upon customer's request, guaranteeing customers rights in case the shipment is damaged or exposed to any potential hazards during the shipping process.
  • Shipping according to quality standards and compliance with the required shipping conditions, in addition to sustainable competitiveness and ensuring the safety of the shipping process and following-up with all shipments until arrival at the handover in Libyan ports and airports.
We at Al Fares Cargo Services are always seeking to expand our services to include shipping from all cities in the UAE to all cities in Libya in order to reduce the load on our customers and to facilitate the arrival of their shipments to the destination required without the hassle or waste of time and expense, and we seek to deliver them safely to all cities (Tripoli, Benghazi, Mis Urata, Tarbuck, Al-Khoums, Dern a, Sirte) and other cities through integrated shipping services.

For any inquiries about shipping services from Dubai to Libya, do not hesitate to contact Al Fares customer service!

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