why shipping cars from the UAE via containers are safer?

Car shipping via containers provides an additional level of safety, as the vehicle is tied inside the container using special belts and covers around each wheel, and it also provides additional space for the sender that can sometimes be used to send special accessories as needed, which may be a way to save costs. When the vehicle is loaded and tied from the inside, the steel doors of the container are locked using a lead seal that has a special number that can only be opened by the port police, customs officers, or the agent who arranges to empty the container. The cost of shipping vehicles with containers may be higher at times, but this is not always the case if the car is shipped through the shipping service in common containers, it is possible that a large 40 feet container can accommodate two cars to four cars in an overlap and safely depending on the size And the type of cars to be shipped (you can see illustrations of shipping cars in this way by clicking on our gallery on our website). But when shipping large vehicles, trucks, or heavy machinery, for example, the freight service via RoRo is cheaper than if it was shipped through open containers in most cases, and the cost is usually calculated in cubic meters, while the container has a fixed price regardless of what is loaded inside. In general, it is advised to ship expensive cars via containers due to the added safety and security that containers provide, in addition to the short shipping period compared to sea freight through the RoRo service. On the date of shipping and, it is possible to either drive the car to the port or request to receive it from the customer’s door to be transported via a special roof recovery to the port. Once the car arrives at the port, it will be transported to the container yard to be attached and fastened tightly inside the container, then closed and loaded via a crane to the vessel. And upon the arrival of the ship to its destination, the customer will be notified of the arrival by the shipping line to complete the receipt and customs clearance and pay the port and customs fees applicable in the destination country. For more information about the car shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the UAE, or to request the service, do not hesitate to contact us at Al Fares via our website or through the customer service.

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